American Horror Story Preview For Episode 11 ‘Birth’

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True to the name of the Episode it looks like Vivian Harmon, played by Connie Britton, is going to giving birth to the babies! However we have been told by sources that it will not be what you think of a normal birth. I am sure this is going to prove to be interesting. Ben will need to coach her and deliver the children at the house.

FX Synopsis:

Vivien gives birth. Tate and Violet attempt to rid the house of some of its ghosts for good.

While Ben and Vivian are trying to prepare for these babies and give birth, Violet, played by Taissa Farmiga, and Tate, played by Evan Peters, are attempting to rid the house of some of it’s ghosts who are trying to stake claim on the babies growing inside of Mrs. Harmon. Violet goes to Constance for help with this task.

On top of giving brith to twins, one of them being…. well let’s just say different, will Ben played by Dylan McDermott, and Vivian discover that Violet is dead? Or will Tate do whatever it takes to keep her death concealed? Will Constance help Tate and Violet with getting rid of some ghosts? Most likely not because she may have nothing to gain from it. Is Constance still looking to make claim on the children that Vivian is nurturing inside her womb? Well unfortunately the clip below won’t answer those questions but at least it will tide you over until next Wednesday.
As always we will keep a look out for any spoilers so don’t forget to check back periodically.
Check it out:

American Horror Story Episode 10 ‘Smoldering Children’ Conclusion: Spoiler Alert Ryan Murphy Interview

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American Horror Story’s conclusion last night was one of shock and revelation. The reveal was what we were all thinking about Violet, played by Taissa Farmiga, being dead. She killed herself a few episodes ago by overdosing on pills. Tate, played by Evan Peters attempted to save her and they mysteriously let it look like he had saved her and she was still alive. Unfortunately he was too late. Last night Tate took her to where he hid her body underneath the house in the crawl space. She was horrified that she was already dead and didn’t even remember dying. Tates says he doesn’t remember dying either. He felt horrible about having to tell this way but she was trying to escape the house so he had no choice but to tell her why she couldn’t leave anymore. This was also the reason she had skipped school 16 days in a row. When Tate over heard Ben trying to send her to a boarding school he had to act quickly or other wise the Harmon’s would know their daughter is not longer one of the living. How long will Violet and Tate keep Vivian and Ben in the dark about their daughters “condition”?

Larry, played by Denis O’Hare was the shocker for the night. We found out that Tate was the one responsible for all of Larry’s burns on his body. In a drug rage Tate went to Larry’s place of employment and set him on fire and on to the highschool after that. We also saw later in the show that Larry can finally see his family. His burned children and his wife. He talks to his wife and she tells him that he can see them now because he is really seeing now and he knows he must pay for his sins to save them all.

Larry decides to take the rap for the death of Travis, even though he did not kill him, in what we think is a penance and still infatuation of Constance. She is now off the hook for Tavis’ murder. Sadly for Larry she is still the evil person that she is and is anything but grateful for the gesture. It appears we have seen the last of Larry on the show since he is going out of state to prison. That’s OK he is needed on the set of True Blood I am sure.

Check out EW interview with Ryan Murphy about what is to come of the next two episodes.

The X Factor USA Live Performance Videos 12/7/11

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The X Factor USA Live Performance Videos 12/7/11

We’re down to the final five contestants on The X Factor USA and Simon Cowell is out for blood! On last week’s episode of the show, we saw the double elimination of Drew and Astro. Simon didn’t feel that it was Drew’s time to go, so he feels that it’s war!

DJs Nervo will be performing on tonight’s show. We’ll have all of the performance videos right here, for your viewing pleasure, as they become available!

Stay tuned!

Melanie Amaro – Someone Like You by Adele

Marcus Canty – Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan

Rachel Crow – Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston

Josh Krajcik – We Found Love by Rihanna

Chris Rene – Livin’ Your Life by T.I.


Melanie Amaro – When You Believe by Whitney Houston

Marcus Canty – A Song For You by Ray Charles

Rachel Crow – Music And Me by Michael Jackson

Josh Krajcik – Something In The Way She Moves by James Taylor

Chris Rene – Where Do We Go From Here (Original Song)

Who’s your favorite in the competition so far? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Fake Profile’ 12/07/11

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Tonight on “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” when a mom tried to get her daughter to friend her on Facebook and the daughter denies it, mom gets creative. Nikki, played by Katie Finneran, makes a fake profile on Facebook so she can spy on her daughter Mackenzie, played by Aisha Dee. Will Gary Nikki’s ex-husband and father of Mackenzie, played by Chad Coleman, be mad at Nikki for Intruding in on Mackenzie’s privacy? She gets Annie, played by Jaime Pressly, interested in in spying on her daughter Sophie, played by Kristi Lauren, as well.

As Annie reads Sophie’s profile, she finds that Sophie has her relationship status listed as “it’s complicated”. Of course she jumps to conclusions and comes to the crazy idea that Sophie must be gay, that’s why her relationship status is complicated. Will Annie include her ex Matt, played by Eric Sheffer Stevens, in on her discovery about their daughter? Will Matt’s brother Jack, played by Kevin Rahm, get involved?

Join us back here tonight for the live recap.

Tonight starts with Annie walking in on Nikki on her laptop. Annie wonders what she is up to. So Nikki tells her that she made a fake profile to get her daughter to accept the friend request so she can spy on Mackenzie. They decided to look at Sophie’s page too. She realizes that Sophie has her relationship status as it’s complicated. Now Annie thinks Sophie is gay. What a conclusion.

At the diner that Annie works at they are all discussing how the kids share personal info all these people on Facebook and not with them. They decide to do a family night without any phones or TV so they can talk more. The ex’s must come to the family night too and she invites Matt’s brother Jack to come too.  Nikki is like “NICE”. She tells Annie to admit she has a crush on Jack.

Wednesday night comes and everyone is at Annie’s and everyone has to get rid of their cell phones in a bowl. The girls are distraught! Nikki can’t give up her phone because she is waiting on gossip from a friend. Too bad Annie makes her give the cell anyways. Gary gives up his phone willingly. So now they are going to play board games and talk. Matt finally shows up and he drops in his phone. He tells Annie he can only spend 20 minutes here at the family night. Annie is totally ticked. This is not going the way she planned!

They are playing charades and Nikki stinks at this. Gary is asleep in the chair. So they start throwing stuff at Gary and he wakes up. While Nikki is in the kitchen she hears the phone ringing and thinks it is her phone. She picks up and it’s Gary’s phone and it’s the woman that Gary went out with last night. Annie walks in and finds her on the phone and Nikki tells her she can’t deal with Gary dating already. Annie tells her to deal until tomorrow because they need to take family night seriously. Meanwhile Gary and Matt are playing charades still. Nikki’s turn. She draws a triangle with an X in it. Gary knows that Nikki knows about Monica, his date. They start to argue. So far they have not realized that the girls have been gone for a while. Finally Annie looks around and notices that the girls have ditched them and are gone.

They go out and get the girls and they are back in the living room and starting a new game. A card game about topics to talk about. Mackenzie starts. This turns out to be a bad idea. Nikki and Gary are still fighting! A bass player shows up to audition because he needs to replace the bass player in his band. Annie tells Matt to get rid of the guy. Nikki and Gary are still fighting. Annie gives up. No one is trying. She is so upset about trying that Sophie feels bad and she pick up a question and plays. It’s what would be your last dinner. She answers with Mom’s mac & cheese. So sweet. They restart the night all over again. The doorbell rings and it’s Jack and a date instead of the pizza guy! Annie is stunned because she is jealous and she is so crushing on Jack.

She lets them in and goes to introduce them and doesn’t know what to introduce Jack’s date. Nikki makes her go into the kitchen and tells her to get it together. She just likes Jack a lot more than she lets on. She doesn’t want to like Jack because he is her ex-brother-in-law. Jack over hears them talking about him. Nikki tests the theory by standing outside of the kitchen and she says it again to see if Nikki can hear it. Jack walks in again. She is mortified! Nikki went and answered the door to get the pizza.

Matt is trying to get Dominique to go to one of his concerts, but Jack intervenes and says no. Nikki and Gary are talking about their divorce. Mackenzie and Sophie thank Annie for the great night, but she asks them to help clean and they leave mad, telling her that she ruins everything.

Jack asks if it’s okay that he and Dominique can leave because she doesn’t eat carbs or dairy. Dominique says that Annie is totally into him, but Jack says no. He just dismisses her as a nut job. She says that Annie was weird with her, but Jack says there was weirdness in the kitchen….but no, she’s just a nut job.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of the show? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

Kourtney Kardashian Has Morning Sickness!

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Kourtney Kardashian has morning suckness, I mean sickness from being 10 weeks prego! Well the rest of us are just sick of hearing about these broads and their idiotic drama ploys to get attention from the media. This one’s married, now she’s not; this one won’t get married, now she’s knocked up so mom’s pissed; this one makes Chewbacca jealous, where does it end?

It’s been reported from the family that Kourtney is suffering from the age old illness morning sickness but instead it’s all day sickness.

Contact Music reports:

Despite expecting their second child together, the reality TV star – who is 10 weeks pregnant – recently admitted she and Scott have no plans to marry in the near future, even though her mother Kris Jenner wants the couple to make their relationship more official.

Kourtney said: “I definitely don’t want to get married just for the sake of getting married. This is my life. I don’t need a piece of paper to make it a family unit. I don’t want to get married right now and I don’t have to listen to my mom or anyone else!”

Lord woman how old are you? I can just see her stomping her feet and running to her room and slamming the door!

American Horror Story Live Recap Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Smoldering Children’ 12/07/11

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As promised here we are again this week for the live recap of the spookiest mind blowing show out there, American Horror Story on FX. This week is going to be another winner as we learn more about the house and what impregnated Mrs. Harmon! Constance is also in a heap of trouble with the law.
If you missed our preview and sneak peaks for this week you can check it out here and Spoiler.

FX synopsis:

Violet learns about the rules of the house. The truth about Larry’s condition is explained. Constance is interrogated by the police.

As we all know Vivian Harmon, played by the beautiful Connie Britton, is pregnant with twins and only one of the children belongs to Ben, played by hot hunk Dylan McDermott. Tonight Ben is going to dive deep into Vivian’s subconscious to find out who the rubber man is that raped her and also happens to be the father of the other child growing in Vivian. Will they reveal who the father is since we are not sure that Tate is the only one wearing the rubber suit at all times? We hope so but we will have to stay tuned tonight.

Meanwhile back at the house of crazy, meaning Constance’s house, played by Jessica Lange, she is being badgered by the police for the murder of her boyfriend Travis, played by Michael Graziadei. He was found dead and they have reason to believe that Constance could be the one responsible. Will Constance be arrested for the death of Travis?

In the midst of murder we will find out a little more about Larry Harvey’s past, played by Denis O’Hare,  and how he really ended up burned so badly.

Back at the “Murder House” Violet, played by Taissa Farmiga,  is becoming increasingly more aware of the house and it’s other worldly rules. Her ghost boyfriend Tate, played by Evan Peters, tries to keep her calm but her fear is rising in the house as well as her fear of Tate. Will Violet be taken by the house? Are we sure that Violet is not one of the ghosts of the house? Ever since she swallowed all those pills we can’t be sure that she really did survive can we?

We will have to wait and see what this week’s episode will expose!

Join us back here tonight for the live recap!

Tonight we begin with the year 1994 at Constance’s house with Ady, Tate and Larry. There are having a wonderful dinner and Tate does not like Larry and he insults him during his dinner prayer. Tate confronts him about his family’s deaths. Larry goes on like nothing happened. Constance is horrified at Tate and his attitude. Tate says that Bo was murdered by Larry. Tate new the truth. Constance is so upset with Tate and his mouth. Tate tells her that he will never be her perfect son. That night Tate is in his room  doing drugs and setting up to kill Larry. Tate walks into Larry’s office and sets him ablaze. We now know the true story of how Larry attained his burns.

Ben goes to visit Vivian at the hospital. She tells Ben to leave. Ben tells Vivian that he believes her and he knows she was raped. She is curious what changed his mind. Ben tells her that one of the babies does not belong to him. She falls apart. Ben is sorry about having to tell her this. Ben begins to question Vivian about what she remembers about that night. Vivian tells him that she won’t go back to that house.

Constance at home is visited by detectives to show her the photos to identify Travis’ body. They think he was killed somewhere else and dragged to the dump location. The black detective asks her about whether he has any enemies that would want to hurt Travis. She tells them no one would want to hurt Travis. She has no idea what happened to him.

Ben is on the phone trying to set up DNA testing when a truancy officer shows up to warn them about Violet and her not going to school. She has missed 16 days consecutively. The cop tells him they will be in court if she doesn’t get to school. The cop notices that the apples on the table must be bad since they are covered in flies. Ben goes to talk to Violet. He goes to Violet’s room and apologizes about the kind of father he has been. He tries to reason with Violet and ask why she is skipping school. Violet breaks down and tells him she can’t go back to school. He tells her they will find a different school.  She agrees to go back to school so they don’t end up in court.

Constance pays a visit to Larry. He lets her in. She comes to see him because of Travis. She asks him about the death of Travis and he attempts to act surprised. She blames him for killing Travis and he tells her that he didn’t kill him he just moved the body. Larry tells her he doesn’t know who killed him just someone in the house. He tries to tell Constance that he still loves her and she tells him she will never be with him. She hates him.

Back at the house Violet is coming down the stairs when Tate grabs her and asks her to spend the day with him. She tells him no she has to get to school. He kisses her and begs her to skip class.

Constance heads home to find the detectives back at the house. They are questioning her about the fight’s they were always in that they heard about from the store owner at the corner. She goes to get her keys out of her purse and drops a large butcher knife. Now the detectives want her to come to the station for more questioning.

The fly problem is bad. Ben calls an exterminator. He tells him it’s something in the crawl space underneath the house. Ben tells him to take a look and give him an estimate.

Down at the station Constance is horrified and mad about being called into the station. She is the only one that is hurt by Travis’ death. They start to question her about her children. Bo first. Tate second. Adalade… Now the detective is asking about Moira and her husband being missing. They suspect her in all of these odd stories. She tells the detectives she hears they are in Brazil. He tells her that back in 1983 the police did not have enough proof and bodies to arrest her. Constance tells them that he just ran away from it all. She tells them she didn’t care about Hugo after she found out he was playing with Moira.  He attorney shows up and tells her to stop answering questions. He talks to Constance alone and tells her they are looking to pin this murder on her! She needs to stay quiet!

Back at the house the exterminator is under the house and he finds Tate down there. Tate knows this man and he kills him under the house.

Ben is on the phone with a school to get Violet out of the school she is in. He is worried about the kids she is hanging out with so he wants a better experience for her.

Violet is in the attic and Tate comes up there. He tells her about Ben calling about boarding schools to separate Tate and her. She is upset and crying. He tells Violet he will not allow him to send her away. The next scene is of Tate getting into the rubber man suit. He is ready to take Ben out!

Larry is uncovering bricks in the house when he hears a voice ask for help! He is hiding the knife that killed Travis and his clothes. Travis comes up behind him and asks him what he is doing. He asks about Constance and how she took his death. He wants to know why she doesn’t come over to see him. Larry tells him it’s too soon for her. There are two little girls down there playing tea party. They happen to be Larry’s Children. His wife walks up and tells Larry that they have been so lonely. He tells Loraine his wife that he so sorry about what happened. He tells her he will get even with Constance because this is all her fault. Loraine tells him no, this is your fault.

In the bathroom Ben is showering and gets out. He is mugged by the rubber man and they both start to violently fight. Tate gets the best of Ben but not before Ben gets the mask off and sees that it’s Tate. Tate tells him that the only reason he won’t kill him because it would hurt Violet.

The Attorney shows up at Constance’s to tell her that he thinks she will be charged in the murder of Travis. Constance can’t believe it.

Tate and Violet are talking about being together. She asks him about what he did to Ben. He keeps telling her he didn’t do anything to him. He wants her to commit suicide so they can be together forever. She wants to do it in the bathroom, so she takes off to start the bath. Tate is happy. All of a sudden Violet flips out and screams for help from Ben that Tate is trying to kill her. Tate is chasing her thru the house trying to make her understand. She can’t escape the house no matter how hard she tries. When she tries to get out of the house she ends up back in it. There is no way out!  Violet begs Tate that she doesn’t want to die! He tells her it’s too late for that!

Violet is crying on the steps and Tate tells her he needs to show her something and after that she can leave. She is convinced that he drugged her that’s why she can’t get out of the house. Tate takes her to the basement and into the crawl space of the house. They crawl thru with a flashlight and Violet is grossed out. Tate tells her to close her eyes and he loves her. He tells her to open her eyes. He takes her to her body that he stashed in the crawl space. She is dead and now she knows it. He wasn’t able to save her. He tried so hard to save her. He held her while she died. He didn’t want her to find out this way. Or her parents. He feels terrible that she is dead and her family doesn’t even realize it yet.

At the station Constance is there claiming her innocence. They have Larry at the station and they tell her that he admits to killing Travis. They want her to tell them why he would have confessed. She tells them she has no idea! Must be because he is guilty.

Back at the house Violet and Tate are talking about her death and how they met. She doesn’t remember dying. She asks what’s next? What will happen? He tells her things will go on as usual like they have been.

Larry is put in prison! He gets a visitor. It’s Constance.  She only came because he asked her to. He is being sent out of state for his sentence term. He asks her if she is going to ask why he confessed to it.She doesn’t seem to care. He tells her this is about him and he needs to pay for all his crimes before he dies. He wants her to say she loves him and he can face whatever may come. She won’t do it! She hangs the phone up and walks out of the visiting area.

 The end!






Suburgatory Live Recap Season 1 Episode 9 ‘The Nutcracker’ 12/07/11

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Returning tonight for their Christmas eposide Suburgatory is back with more burb drama! Last episode Tess, played by Jane Levy, and Dallas Royce, played by Cheryl Hines, went to the big city to do some shopping and have fun after Tessa tricked Dallas into to take her to the city even though her father requested that she stay in the burbs that day. While Tess was training Dallas to eat pizza without a plate they ran into Tessa’s father George, played by Jeremy Sisto, kissing an unknown woman in the street!

Tessa was furious at George for one, keeping the fact that he had a woman in his life and two because he keeps telling Tessa she can’t go back to the city because there is nothing there to see. She feels like George is not being fair with their agreement. George tells Tessa the woman’s name is Zoe, played by Gloria Votsis, and that he was seeing her for a short while and didn’t know how to explain to her about Zoe. However Tess is not the only one a bit hurt by George dating someone! Dallas has a bit of a crush on him.

Well, here they are close to Christmas and Tessa overhears Geroge on Skype break up with Zoe. She immediately thinks he broker things off because of her. Tessa feels so terrible about him breaking up that she tries to find a great gift for him this year and decides the best gift of all would be to hook George and Zoe back up. Little does Tessa know George did not break-up with Zoe because of Tessa. He has a new love interest; Tessa’s art teacher Aimee.

What a Christmas celebration this will be! Come back later for the full recap and find out how George’s love life is going.

Tonight the episode begins George and Tessa are in the car driving thru the neighborhood with their Christmas tree on the hood. Tessa is administering the ice treatment to George about lying about Zoe and the city. Tessa overhears George on Skype breaking up with Zoe and uses her as the excuse. She storms in and tells George he didn’t have to break-up with her. George tells her that sometimes people scrafice for their children.

Tessa is out with Lisa Shay trying to find something good for George to make up for costing him his love life.

She was determined to make this up to George. He was milking it all the way to teach her a lesson. He even took a wreath making class at Tessa’s highschool. But not for the art. For Aimee the art teacher. George has taken a liking to her. Mr Wolfe tells him that she just had a bad break-up with the shop teacher. George is trying to impress Aimee. He  invites her to his house to trim the tree and not to make her feel odd he invites everyone else to make it sound like a party rather than a date.

Tessa gets in contact with Zoe to try and get George and Zoe back together. So she invites her to the tree trimming party too.  She gets her to agree not knowing that the real reason George dumped her was because he has the hots for Aimee the art teacher.

Dallas is at home decorating her pink trees and dealing with her crazy husband. But she is really thinking about George when he walks in to invite her to the tree trimming party. She agrees and then remembers that she is going to Aspen for skiing with the family so she won’t be able to make it. She is so jealous about not being able to make it.

Back at home the party is getting started and Tessa has realized that George has the hots for Aimee so she asks Lisa to stal Zoe so this doesn’t get ugly while she attempts to get rid of Aimee and it’s not working to well.

At the party Noah shows up and George is making punch. George thinks Aimee is a good woman. Tessa comes up and tells him she is sick and must tell everyone to go home. Especially Aimee. George is totally mad at Tessa for acting so silly.

At Dallas’ s house she opens the gift that George got her and is soo impressed that he remembered what she likes. Red mittens. The flight ended up canceled so she may make it to the party yet.

Tessa and George are talking about why he dumped Zoe. He tells her the truth that he ditched her because she is crazy and annoying. The door bell rings and guess who is there? Zoe is standing there and plants a big one right on him in front of the whole party.

Aimee goes to leave and George goes after her to explain what happened with Zoe.  He needs to get rid of Zoe before he loses Aimee. Noah tells him he will take care of Zoe so she won’t make a scene in front of the whole party.

Tessa notices that Lisa is still outside. She has her come in now that she is frozen. Lisa tells Tessa that she feels guilty because she comes between him and probably a lot of woman.

Noah is dealing with Zoe. She is seems a bit confused by his speech. She starts looking for George.

Tessa goes to talk to Aimee to explain she is the one who screwed things up and she feels bad about all of this. She is trying to get her to forgive George.

Noah finally gets her to think that she doesn’t want George so now she wants him. He tells he is married and she flips out on him on the front lawn.

Dallas comes to the party to thank George for the mittens he bought her for Christmas.  In the middle of the thank you Dallas plants one on George. He is getting all kinds of action. She notices that everyone at the party has the same mittens and realizes that she was not speacial to George. She is hurt and leaves. Aimee saw all this and went crazy about this silliness with George. She stomps out screaming. So George just can’t win when it comes to woman. Meanwhile Noah is getting snow balled by Zoe!

George and Tessa are having a heart-to-heart about the whole situation and learned a valuable lesson. She apologizes that he doesn’t have someone special to spend the Holidays with. They make a deal that if either of them has a significant other they would be understanding from now on.



First Look: Lindsay Lohan PlayBoy Magazine Cover!

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The long awaited Playboy Cover for January/February 2012 with Lindsay Lohan on the cover has been leaked! The photoshoot was complete in October and we have all been waiting to see the results since Lindsay advised she would be channeling Marilyn Monroe for the style of the shoot. Not sure if it really lives up to Monroe’s standards but it’s not too bad coonsidering they must have made a photoshop expert go blind with the hours of retouch!

What do you think of the cover? Was it really worth all the hype and the wait? Let us know what your opionions are!

Brooke Mueller Speaks Out About Aspen And Her Arrest!

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Oh Yea, because this is the face of innocence(insert Beavis and Butthead laugh here)! Brooke Mueller is announcing that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong in Aspen and wants all charges dropped. She has retained attorney Yale Galanter to the case and he is currently in Aspen, Colorado as we speak and beating,( I use this word lightly) the streets for any details of that night’s events that might help the investigation to clear Brooke’s name.

Although the rumor mill is circulating that custody of the her children may change Brooke insists that nothing concerning the kids will change. They will be staying with her like normal. Sources say that her parents and Charlie have offered any help that she may need.

Well, we hope if Brooke really is back into drugs that she cheks herself back into rehab and gets the help she needs. Not to mention giving her children back their mother. No word or plans have been stated of entering rehab.

National Enquirer: Angelina Jolie Accidentally Overdoses (Photo)

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National Enquirer: Angelina Jolie Accidentally Overdoses (Photo)

Angelina Jolie graces the cover of the latest issue of National Enquirer, and if she’s not adding to her rainbow nation of children, she’s either starving herself or getting married, or doing drugs. This week, she’s overdosing and starving herself.

See how they snuck in with the “95 pound” claim with the accidental overdose? Why not go for the trifecta and claim that Brad’s leaving her, while they’re at it? Oh wait, are we giving them ideas for next week?

And OMG YOU GUYS! Kim Kardashian’s DISEASE is spreading!!!!! Like we didn’t know that. Her disease is all over the E! channel and it’s contagious. Please see your primary care physician for treatment as this disease can only be cured with the harsh slap of reality…not reality television.

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