Once Upon A Time Preview/Video Episode 8 ‘Desperate Souls’

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After Tonight’s tragic shocker of Sheriff Graham dying and Emma realizing that the wall she built around herself is falling, falling in love that is, just in time to be crushed by Graham’s death. As we watched Regina go to her vault of hearts and take out the gorgeous Sheriff Grahams’ heart and squeeze the life out of him she shares a tear for him one last time. Which makes us believe that she must have cared for him but her insane jealousy has drove her to murder!

Will Henry be safe with Regina and her inability to know what real love is and how to treat it? Will the rest of the characters of Storybrooke be in danger of Regina’s wrath as they become aware of what She is really like? Will Regina be looking to take out Emma and Mary Margaret? Will Mr. Gold have the nerve enough to go up against Regina and what will the repercussions be?

Well if we are to believe the clip we have below for you it looks like the next episode will go out with a bang!

Check out the preview of the next episode that will air after the hiatus!

Grimm Preview/Video For Episode 7 ‘Let Your Hair Down’

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After Grimm’s special two episode airing last week it will be hard to beat this week. But it’s looks like we are in for a good one with a take on Rapunzel. Hank and Nick take on another case to investigate a death in the woods when they find a lost girl running thru the woods that happens to be a Grimm Creature. She also happens to be a girl that’s been missing for years. This new information causes Nick to reopen an old case. And of course Nick asks Monroe, his silent partner you might say, for help. Will Monroe be able to connect with the young girl in the woods in order to talk to her? Will Nick and Hank be able to solve the murder and help the young girl living in the wild? We just won’t know until we watch next Friday!

NBC Synopsis:

A mysterious homicide deep in the woods leads to Nick and Hank reopening a long-aborted missing persons case.

We have the preview video here below for your viewing pleasure! Watch and enjoy!

Join us here next week Friday December 16th at 9pm for the live recap!

Once Upon A Time Live Recap Episode 7 ‘The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter’ 12/11/11

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Tonight we are back in Storybrooke on Once Upon A Time for a wild and crazy night! Once of Storybrooke’s residents is having deja vu from the their past that could result in a bad ending for everyone in the town. The town will also mourn a loved one this week while the Evil Queen, played by Lana Parrilla, is looking for an assassin to take out Snow White, played by Ginnifer Goodwin!

ABC Synopsis:

One of Storybrooke’s residents remembers his real past, while the town mourns a death. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, the Queen attempts to find someone who will kill Snow White for her.

Check out the preview:


We’ll see you back after the break!

Tonight we begin with Sheriff Graham in shooting darts at he diner having a few shots. Emma walks in and ignores Graham. He get a little upset and throws a dart the wall next to her. She walks out ticked off and he follows her. He tries to explain to her that he feels nothing for Regina. He kisses Emma and she is totally offended and tells him off and runs off. Graham heads to Regina’s and kisses her passionately at her home once he knows that Henry is asleep.

Fairytale land: Snow White is a the funeral of her father. Evil Queen was married to Snow White’s father. She does not know that the Evil Queen is evil. The Evil Queen tells her mirror that she needs a huntman to kill Snow White now that she has gotten rid of Snow’s Father. The Huntsman is Sheriff Graham.

Sheriff Graham wakes up in Regina’s bed. He has a dream that feels like a memory. About killing a deer for dinner and his wolf companion, who has a blood red eye and black eye.  Regina tries to tell him that it was just a dream. He needs air. He leaves in the middle of the night even though Regina pleads with him to stay. He gets back to his car and he runs into the wolf that he saw in his dream or was it memory. He feels like like he is going crazy.

Emma wakes up to flowers on the table. The flowers were not for her. They were for Mary Margaret. They were from Dr. Whale at the hospital. She had a one night stand with the doctor and now she feels guilty. Mary Margaret and Emma start talking about Emma’s obvious wall that she has built around her to protect her emotions. Mary tells her that she knows that Emma has feelings for Graham.

Sheriff Graham is out in the woods looking for the wolf and runs into Mr. Gold in the woods. Graham tells Mr. Gold about seeing the wolf in his dreams and then at his car. Mr. Gold tells him it could be a memory from another life.  

Fairytale Land: The Huntsman is in the bar drinking upset over killing an animal. The guys in the bar are making fun of the Huntsman, The dog goes after the bar owner and the man tries to kill the wolf and the Huntsman killed the man.

The Sheriff is back in the woods searching for the wolf. he can hear him. He finally finds him and calls him to his side. He pets the wokf and starts to remember more and more of his past life.

At the school Graham walks into Mary Margarets class after it’s over and tells Mary Margaret that he knows her not just from Storybrooke but from another life. She of course is a bit worried about Sheriff Graham.

The Evil Queen sees the Huntsman in her chambers. His parents abadoned him. The wolves raised him and they are his only family. She asks him to kill someone for her. She tells him she will give him a job in her court. She needs someone not compassionate to carve the heart of who she wants dead. She aks him what he wants in exchange for this. He tells her that he wants wolves not hunted any more. She agrees. He takes the deal.

Back in the class room Sheriff and Mary Margaret are talking and can’t seem to remember how or where they met. He asks her about past lives. She tells him about Henry’s story and his book and what he thinks the whole town characters are. Mary Margaret tells him to go home and get some rest.

Snow White is walking in the woods to her cottage and the Huntsman is escorting her. She eats an apple. She realizes that he is not knight because he did not offer any condolences. She hits him and runs into the woods.

Back at the station Emma is playing darts. While there Regina walks in and asks Emma what’s going on between Emma and Graham. She warns her to stay away from Graham. Stay away!

Sheriff Graham goes to see Henry and ask him about the storybook and whether he is in it. Henry smiles back at him!

Snow runs deep in the woods and stops to write a letter. She knows he will find her no matter what. She asks him to deliver this letter to the Queen once he kills her. She reads the letter. He decides not to kill her. He tells her to run! He spares her life.

Back at Henry’s  Henry asks Graham when the flashbacks started. He tells Henry it started after he kissed Emma. Henry is shocked. They talk about the storybook and Snow White and that he spared her life so Emma could be born. That why Snow and him get along so well.  The Evil Queen Killed the Huntsman by cutting out his heart. Graham has learned a great deal and now learns his heart is hidden somewhere that he will need to follow the wolf to find.

Emma and Graham see each other out in the street in front of Regina’s. She tries to tell Graham that he needs to get home and get some sleep. He is looking for his heart. He thinks he needs to find his heart. Emma is trying to make sense to Graham that Henry is telling a story. They both see the wolf. Now Emma is intrigued. They follow the wolf into the graveyard.  And lose him. But Graham finds his heart in a mausoleum.

Emma and Graham are in the graveyard. Graham tells her that they need to get into the mausoleum to see if his heart is in there. They break in.

Back in the Fairytale Land Graham is at the court of the Evil Queen. She asks if Snow is dead. He tells her that he has the heart but she must read the letter first. He reads the letter to the Evil Queen. She puts it all out there and tells her that she welcomes death and she is sorry and she forgives her. Graham wants to know why she wants Snow dead so bad. The Queen wants to see her heart. He gives her the bad with a heart in it and she puts in a box. The heart is supposed to be the key and it’s not her heart.

In the mausoleum Graham is searching for his heart in the small building. Emma is trying to tell him that his heart is not there and this is crazy. Regina walks in on the two of them. She wants to know why they are in her father’s grave. Regina wants to take him home. He has realized that he feels nothing for Regina. He would rather have nothing than feel nothing. He breaks it off with Regina. Regina keeps attacking Emma and thin because he doesn’t look well.Regina blames Emma that Graham wants her. Emma tells her she needs to figure out why everyone is running from her. Regina punches Emma and Emma goes after her. Graham pulls Emma off of Regina. Emma says she is not worth it and stalks away. Graham heads off behind her. Regina is left standing there.

 Emma and Graham are at the station. He gets ice for Emma’s head. He takes care of her.

Regina is still at the mausoleum and she is looking around. She opens the crypt.

In Fairytale Land the Evil Queen takes the huntsman’s heart and she kisses him. He is now her pet and belongs to her. She puts his heart in her little box cages. If he ever tries to do anything against her all she has to do is squeeze hi heart and he is on the floor.

Regina heads into the crypt and down stairs into a room filled with the heart boxes. She removes Grahams heart out of the box.

Back ar the station Emma and Graham are still talking and looking at each other. It looks like they are falling in love. They begin to kiss. He remembers more and more of the past life.

Regina starts to squeeze his heart. He falls over in the station and Emma is trying to save him. He can’t be saved. He is dead.

The end till next week. Join us back here for the live recap.

Grimm Live Recap Season 1 Episode 6 ‘The Three Bad Wolves’ 12/09/11

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We have been graced enough to see Grimm twice this week and tonight is the second night and it looks like we are going to see the three big bad wolves and the little piggies! Looks like we are going to find out more about Monroe’s mysterious past in this show and sounds like it could be dangerous. Will Nick be able to handle the big bad wolves and the little piggies?

NBC Synopsis:

When Nick and Hank investigate the explosion of a Blutbad’s home, Monroe is brought face-to-face with characters from his troubled past.

Join us this evening as live recap the show.

The evening starts at an a odd home and a man drinking, smoking and working out. He throws his dumbell out of the window on accident so he has to go outside to get it. After he leaves the house, the house explodes with a huge bang.

Nick and Hank show up at the crime scene to investigate. He realizes that the man is a Grimm Creature. The man’s brother was killed in his doublewide trailer last month. Now Nick is curious as to how all of this is related.

At the station the man is making a phone call to have a place to stay. Nick tells the man he needs to help them find out who is trying to kill him. They go down the list of people that he owes money to trying to figure out who would blow him and his brother up.

Monroe shows up at the station to pick up the man, Hap. Nick asks Monroe to keep them low until they figure out what is going on.

The investiation with the fire department explains to Hank and Nick how the explosions happened in both Hap and his brother’s house. The noticed that an insurance investigator called.

A stranger rides into town on a motorcycle.

Monroe is giving Hap the house rules while he stays there. Monroe feels bad for Hap but this is a pain the rear end to deal with him and have him in his space. No hugs! Monroe tells him that there are no wild times any more. He is a decent law abiding citizen.

Nick is visited by a Grimm Creature as he pulls up in front of Monroe’s house. It happens to be the stranger on the bike. The stranger is a female and she attacks Nick in his car. Nick pulls his gun as Monroe and Hap run out of the house and tell Nick not to shoot. She is Hap’s sister.

Monroe, Hap and his sister are discussing what’s going on. Monroe is tryin to explain why they can trust a Grimm, Nick. Hap’s sister also happens to be Monroe’s ex-girlfriend. The sister keeps trying to attack Nick. Nick tells Monroe to not let Hap leave the house for any reason. Just for good measure Nick runs the sister’s bike plate.

Nick goes to his information trailer to see hwat he can find out about Blutbads. He reads up that night.

Monroe is not happy about his ex-girlfriend being there. But she talks him into drinking with her. They talk about old times. Monroe gives into her and they go for a run in the woods. Monroe catches her in teh woods and they start to get it on!

Meanwhile Nick is still reading and gets a call with the news on the sister. No priors and her name is Angelina. Nick goes to investigates the home of Angelina and a Grimm creature that is there and it attacks Nick and leaves him on the floor.

Angelina and Monroe wake up that morning in the woods to blood on them. They apparently had din din.

Hap wakes up to the door knocking and thinking it’s Monroe with breakfast. It happens to be a pig Grim and he shoots Hap and kills him.

Hank shows up to Monroe’s house with Nick for the murder of Hap. Monroe and Angelina show up to find the police at the house and Hap dead. Angelina is so upset. Hank notices that Angelina has blood on her clothes. They take her to the station for more questioning.

Angelina is being anything but corporative with Hank for information.

Nick is talking to Monroe about why he left Hap alone in the house. Monroe tells Nick that he does not believe that Angelina did it. They analyze the blood on the shirt and it’s rabbits blood. Nick goes to Monroe and asks him about it.  He tells Monroe about the intruder in Angelina’s house. He tells Monroe she could be next.

Monroe and Angelina leave and he tells her about the intruder in her house. She gets pissed because Nick was in her house. She tells off Monroe and takes off on her bike.

Nick gets home to Juliette and is taking care of a cat.

Angelina goes home to find that her house was invaded by a pig grimm creature.

Hank finds some dirt on a Angelina about a murder from two years ago. The arson investigator is in on this and knows about Angelina’s murder. They are off to make arrests.

Angelina comes to Monroe and tells him that a pig is the one who killed Hap and his brother. She wants Monroe to kill these guys with her and he won’t. He feels bad that he wasn’t there to make sure he didn’t get killed.

Monroe calls Nick and tells him about Angelina knowing who killed Hap. Nick thinks he knows the Arson cop is involved. Nick runs into the Arson investigator and tells him that they sent his records out for a second opinion. The arson cop shows his true colors to Nick. He tells Nick not to start trouble since there as never been trouble with his kind and the Grimm’s.

Monroe is at home and Nick comes over looking for Angelina. He tells Monroe that Angelina is a murder. Monroe wants to stay out of it. He won’t tell Nick where she is. He doesn’t want her to die but he doesn’t want her to get arrested either. Monroe wants this guy dead that killed Hap dead too but he is doing all he can to control himself.

Meanwhile Angelina is waslking into the station and going after the Arson cops! She is going through his office and is caught by another fireman. She beats the crap out of the guys and runs. They call Hank and Nick. She is still in the building. She manages to get away.

The Arson/pig cop is at Monroe’s house and has a gun waiting for Monroe. Monroe tries to talk to this guys adn tell him this ends with him and Angelina. Monroe tells him he is pissed about him killing Hap.

Hank gets the call that Angelina’s house has been burned. Hank goes to investigate.

Nick goes to the Arson cops house to find him. No luck so far. He goes into the bathroom to find the tub filled with mud. There is a Grimm Creature in the mud tub and rises just as Nick turns his back to the tub. The pig gets up and gets out of the tub. It’s the cop. He tells Nick that he can drop the gun. He tells Nick that Angelina is a monter and needed to die and so did her brothers. The Pig Cop’s brothers are killed .  Nick is there to arrest the arson cop. Angelina shows up at the house attacks the pig. They are on the floor and Nick hits her in the lower back and she attacks Nick. He shoots her and she gets away any way. The arson cop is taken to the hospital.

Nick calls Monroe and tells him that she was shot but got away. Nick asks him to hunt her. He won’t. He hears a noise out in the front and Angelina has left a picture frame of her family to Monroe. He hears her howl in the distance.

The end!

Join us back here next Friday for the recap!




Paris Jackson First Movie Casting

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Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, has been cast for the new film, Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Kings. Although she is only 13 she is ready to hit Hollywood running and get her first taste of her own stardom!

US Weekly said this about the movie:

Based on fantasy novels by Dennis H. Christen Lundon’s Bridge, Jackson plays Lundon O’Malley; the plot involves a dolphin turned into a human, a teenage boy who morphs into a dragonfly and a jellyfish queen who changes into an evil fairy godmother.

What do you think of Paris getting out and trying on Hollywood for size? Is she too young to get mixed up in all the drama that Hollywood brings on? Do you think her father would approve of her decision?

Kris Humphries And His Mother Debra On Good Morning America!

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This morning Kris Humphries with his mother Debra were on Good morning America talking a little about the divorce of the year with Kim Kardashian and to bake some cookies with his mom.

When asked about the divorce Kris answered with:

For me, it’s just certain things happen in life and you’ve got to move forward,” the 26-year-old NBA star said on “Good Morning America” today, referring to the court battle and media frenzy surrounding his divorce from reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

It appeared that Kris and his mother danced around any of the marriage questions concerning Kim, due in part because of the confidentiality agreement that was signed during the prenup! However Kris seemed very upbeat and looking forward to getting back to basketball. He also mentioned that he is moving forward and being positive about his furture and the outcome of his situation.

Good morning America Interview

“Friday” Is Back – Ice Cube Confirms Return

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Looks like Ice Cube has decided to bring back the “Friday” Franchise with all the original cast members including Chris Tucker who is on board for the project. This will be the 4th installment to the franchise and will most likely be hilarious!

TMZ reports a rep for Cube Vision Productions tells us … “Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another ‘Friday.’”

The statement continues, “[Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.”

Now of course this is all contingent on the contracts being agreed to and signed by each of the cast. Nothing in Hollywood is written until the deals have been made!


Suburgatory Spoiler Alert- New Cast Member

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For you burb people that love Suburgatory we have a special spoiler alert treat for you. According to EW there is going to be a new cast member added to the show in March as the show continues on. The beautiful Robin Givens is going to give our girl Dallas a run for her money.

EW has learned exclusively that Givens is slated to appear in a March episode of the ABC freshman comedy Suburgatory as Tulsa, a longtime rival of Dallas (Cheryl Hines) from her sorority days, who back in the day made it her mission to wrong Dallas at every given opportunity — whether that meant stealing her hot older boyfriend or her Olivia Newton-John leg warmers. That bitch!

Who new someone could actually make Dallas cringe?

Vampire Diaries Holiday Spoiler Alert For Episode 10 The New Deal

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We still don’t have Vampire Diaries until Thurday January 5th, 2012 due to the holiday hiatus but for all of you craving for a fix you can check out the spoiler alert below as well as the preview for “The New Deal” episode.

“When the show returns [on Jan. 5], Stefan has been MIA since he stole Klaus’s family coffins, but we’ll learn he’s been busy trying to figure out a way to stay one step ahead of Klaus. When Elena and Damon finally have the opportunity to confront him about his recent actions, his response makes Damon think twice about acting on his feelings for Elena.” Caroline, meanwhile, doesn’t resurface until Jan. 12, when, Plec says, “she and Tyler come to terms with their recent breakup and what Tyler’s sire bond means for their future. Oh, and it’s her 18th birthday!”

Looks like the new episode will tie up some lose ends but it may show us some more love scenes between Damon and Elena.You just can’t get enough Damon and clearly we have been deprived long enough.

Grimm Live Recap Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Danse Macabre’ 12/08/11 – Special Two Night Event This Week!

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This evening is the start of the two night event and return of NBC’s Grimm. Tonight is the story of “The Pied Piper” who can lead the rats of the city in any direction he would like. In this case he is enticing them to attack and kill people. A teacher ends up as one of the Pied Piper victims and Nick will need to use his special Grimm knowledge to catch this bandit. Will Nick, played by David Guintoli, with his partner Hank, played by Russell Hornsley, be able to catch the piper and his deadly weapon before he kills anyone else?

NBC Synopsis:

A beloved high school music teacher’s body is destroyed by rats.

Tomorrow Night December 9th at 9pm NBC will air Episode 6 “The Three Bad Wolves”! As expected we will be here recapping the show.

NBC Synopsis:

Nick and Hank investigate the explosion of a Blutbad’s home.

Check out the preview video below for both episodes.

Don’t forget to come back later this evening for the live recap (the only place to go for Grimm recaps) of Tonight’s show!

Tonight we begin with a dance club and everyone partying. A man comes out to the crowd in a pink cat head mask to roll the tunes out.  Meanwhile there is a small orchestra group practicing, the musicians wishing they were at the party and not there. The instructor is making them start over because they need to get it right for Saturday. After the rehersal the instructor is heading to his car when he gets in starts the engine, turns on music and he is attacked by a mound of rats that begin to eat him in the car. More and more seem to rushing into the car and tearing at his flesh.

The next day a teacher coming into the school that morning finds the music instructors car there and wonders what’s going on so she investigates. She screams when she sees that his face is eaten off.

Nick is at home that morning with Juliette and their fridge is not working.

Nick and Hank show up at the school to investigate and talk tot he teacher that found Paul Lawson. They can’t believe rats ate this guy. They open the car door to see that there are hundreds of them running out of it. They found cages in the woods that the rats must have been in.

Nick and Hank go to interview the students that were there with Paul Lawson practicing. The students had no idea what could have happened. The one student tells tham there is a student whose father has a pest control company and the boy has been suspended from school and Paul Lawson was the teached to witness the fight that caused the suspension.

Nick and Hank go to investigate the student they have been told about in a trashy mobile home park., when they hear someone playing the violin beautifully. They come to talk to him. The father comes out and starts to have a fit about the police being there. The father makes such a fuss that Hank and Nick grab him and try to subdue him. The boy runs off and Nick goes after him running thru the woods. He catches him and the kid knows he is a Grimm and tells him to go away. The boy and the father are rat like Grimm creatures.

Nick and Hank bring the father in for questioning about the murder of Paul Lawson. The father states he was in the mountains catching rats. They asked him about the cages being at the school. The father tells Hank that the cages were stolen.

Nick is questioning Hank at the station as well. They are talking about Nick being a Grimm. The boys claims he was at a rave and didn’t kill Paul Lawson. DJ Regid Cat. They release the boy.

At the coroners office the doctor advises Paul Lawson died from a heart attack from the rats attacking him. There seems to be another type of fiber on the bodies of once of the rats that the doctor disected. Captain Renard is mad that they have no answers about this case yet.

The rat boy is watching another student, a girl. He came to talk to her about why she doesn’t believe he didn’t do this. She cares very much for him. The girls mother comes out and tells the boy he is not welcome here and he needs to stay away from her family.

Back at the station Captain Renard is giving a statement to the press about this.

Nick and Hank are  visited by the woman that is the mother of the ex-girlfriend and she is filing  a report about Gieger being at her house.

Nick is at Monroe’s having a beer talking about these rat creatures. Nick wants Monroe to talk to Gieger to get some information from him since the boy will not talk to Nick because he is a Grimm and a cop. Monroe agrees to help.

Nick comes home to Juliette to find a buttcrack of a repair man attempting to repair their fridge. Turns out the guy is a Grimm creature too. He is so scared of Nick he runs out of the house and leaves his tools.

Hank is out at dinner and drinks and he runs into the woman that tried to kill Nick and his Aunt. She asks him to dinner because he saved her life last time. Captain Renard sent her in there to lure Hank back into the resturant.

Gieger is playing the violin at the trailer park when Monroe comes and knocks at the door. Monroe is impressed and he gets the boy to talk to him even after he tells him he is friends with Nick. Monroe tells Gieger that Nick is not like the other Grimms. Monroe tries to tell him that he has real talent and don’t throw away his talent. The boy is a little nervous of Monroe. Monroe leaves hoping it was a good talk. The boys gets a call from the police that his father was injured due to fighting the police to get back into the jail cell. He is ticked off and slams the phone down.

Monroe calls Nick and tells him that the talk went well and the boys should be on a different track now. Meanwhile the boys is at the trailer trashing it because he is angry about his father being hurt in jail and he can’t go to see him for 48 hours.

Hank and Nick is are giving a report to Captain Renard about the fibers found in the car of Paul Lawson.

The Gieger boy is sets all the rats they have in the trailer park free and he sets fire to where all the cages are.

The boys at school from the music rehersal are talking about how they did this to Paul Lawson.

Nick and Hank are at the other boys house that was fighting with Gieger and they are there to search the car. They discover the fiber in the boys car is the same as what they found from the Paul Lawson. They are ready to arrest Trey.

Menwhile Gieger is heading out to the city with all the rats following him.  Gieger ends up calling all the rats in the city with his Violin music.

The orchestra kids are out that night and riding around unaware of the danger lurking.

The students show up for a rave that Gieger had told them about. The girl is concerned about whether the other boys had something to do with Gieger’s suspension or anything else. They head inside this old abandon warehouse to llok for the rave. They head underground to find the party. As they walked down the stairs Nick and Hank pull up and find Trey’s car. Nick and Hank head into investigate the warehouse.

Trey and the rest of the gang are heading right into Gieger’s trap of rats  They walk into a portion full of candles and find DJ Rechid there. The rats start to decend upon them and attack. Gieger is ticked and ready for revenge. Hank and Nick hurry because they know what’s happening. Hank fires his gun and the rats scatter because Gieger stopped playing. The boys fessed up to the fight and the rats in Paul Lawson’s car.

Nick is searching for Gieger and he finds him. He asks Gieger was this worth it. Gieger said that they would not have confessed. Nick agreed there.

Back at the station Nick and Hank are filing out the reports and Hank is trying to figure what to charge Gieger with. Hank does not get how Gieger got all those rats down there to begin with.

Juliette is at home and the rapair man comes back to get his tools after Nick leaves. Juiliette does not understand why the man is so afraid of Nick.


The end!

Join us here tomorrow for the next episode.



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