++Walking Dead Recap Season 2 Episode 12 ‘Better Angels’ 03/11/12

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Walking Dead AMC’s biggest show that’s no alive returns this evening with a new episode titled “Better Angels”. The group at Hershe’s farm are all morning the loss of Dale when another problem arises. The dead cow and Dale are like ringing a dinner bell for more walkers to come to the farm so they have to start locking down in order to keep the group safe.
Meanwhile Rick is still hell-bent on releasing their new prisoner Randall into the wild. Now we have been hearing all kinds of rumors that Shane is gonna get zombiefied but now we are not so sure. Now we are hearing that the trouble making coward could live on.

Join us tonight as we recap the show live and get the up to date answers to your questions!


The group learns that someone dangerous may be on the loose near the farm. As night falls, Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn comb the woods to handle the situation and keep the group safe.

The Cast:
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Sarah Wayne Calliesas as Lori Grimes
Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh
Laurie Holden as Andrea
Jeffrey Demunn as Dale
Steven Yeun as Glenn
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
Irone Singleton as T-Dog
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
Emma Bell as Amy
Lennie James as Morgan
Scott Wilson as Hershel
Lauren Cohan as Maggie

Preview Video:

This evening the show starts off with Rick giving a eulogy for Dale and we see how they are killing the other walkers that have come to eat them on the farm. They manage to kill them all. They are going to live their lives according to Dale.

Rick and Hershel are taking about moving everyone into the houses. Tdog and Daryl are going to keep watch now. Shane will assign shifts. Shane starts to give Rick a problem about Randall’s release.

Meanwhile the group is moving into the house to keep safe. Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on things around the farm and that she keeps an eye on Shane because he is out of hand. She agrees but not without making a few comments about Rick.

Carl finds Shane and asks if he can tell him something that won’t get back to his parents. Shane reluctantly agrees. Carl tells Shane about taking the gun from Daryl’s motorcycle. He tells Shane that it’s his fault that Dale died. He tells him about seeing the walker and was going to shoot it but it got free and came after him and ran away. Shane gives Carl the gun back and tells him he needs to protect himslef. Carl doesn’t want the gun and he tells Shane to give it back to Daryl.

Everyone is trying to get settled in the house now that everyone is going to be staying inside. Hershel tells Lori and Rick to take his bed because she is pregnant and needs a bed. He will sleep on the couch.

Shane is out repairing wind pipe when Lori walks up and wants to speak with him. Lori tells him that after Sophia that they would all heal but now she is messed up over losing Dale. She says they can’t keep it at bay. They keep coming. She feels bad that she has put him and Rick at odds. She starts talking about how crazy it was when all this first started. She thanks him for being there for her and Carl. She realized that she never thanked him for that. She apologizes for what happened between them. Shane is left in a wonder!

Rick and Daryl are talking about getting rid of Randall. Rick thanks Daryl for taking care of Dale. Shane walks up and tells Rick about the walker and what Carl told him. Shane tells him that he needs to talk to his son. Rick tells him that Lori can talk to Carl. Shane and Rick start to get into it again. Shane gives him the gun and tells him to give it back to Daryl and that Carl had it.

Andrea is trying to get the RV moved and it won’t start. Glenn start to look at it to see if he can repair it. So Andrea stands by and watches Glenn work on the RV as she thinks about Dale. Glenn thinks he let Dale down. Andrea tells him that she thinks that Dale knew how much they all cared for him. Glenn is very upset but Andrea gives him the keys to the RV and he gets in and starts her right up. And so they move the RV inward.

Meanwhile, everyone else is boarding up the house to keep out the walkers. Rick finds Carl at the barn and decides he should talk to Carl. He gives Carl the gun. Rick tells him that he had nothing to do with what happened to Dale. He can’t feel bad. Rick tells him that he needs him to grow up fast here and he is sorry. He needs Carl to understand that life is different now so they have to just survive. Rick wishes he had something more profound to say. He wants Carl to take the gun to keep himself safe.

Randall is still locked up in the barn when Shane comes in to talk to him. Shane sits there and says nothing. He just lets the kid be scared. He halls off and grabs his gun and goes to shoot the kid when he realizes that the kids wrists are all bloody. Shane stops.

Daryl and Rick are getting into the truck when T Dog goes to get him and finds him missing. Shane took Randall.

Shane is dragging him through the woods and he takes off the tape on his mouth. He asks him where is group is. He tells them they have a camp site five miles away off the highway. Shane wants this kid to take him to this other group because he is done with this group. Randall tells him that they will fit in good there. All of a sudden they go behind a tree and Shane silences Randall and then he goes and hits hi head on the tree to bloody his face and break his nose.

Daryl and T Dog are starting to look for Randall. Shane comes running out of the woods calling for Rick and tells him that the kid is armed with Shane’s gun and he hit Shane in the face. Rick, Shane, Glenn and Daryl are looking for Randall to take him out. Daryl is a bit suspicous of Randall getting the step up on Shane. They pair up and start looking for Randall.

It’s night time and Carl is lool out at the farm.

Rick and Shane are walking thru the woods looking for Randall. Daryl and Glenn are searching as well. They hear something. So far they have found nothing. Shane realizes that Rick is watching him closely. Daryl and Glenn are using a flashlight to search. Daryl finds two sets of tracks and blood on the tree near. He is noticing that the tracks don’t make sense. He notices that there seems to be a fight. A walker comes up and goes for Glenn and Daryl. A struggle and fight ensues when Glenn kills it. The walker is Randall.

Rick and Shane are trying to figure out where Randall may have gone. Rick is starting to wonder about Shane’s story.

Caryl is searching Randall’s body when finds no bites or scratches. He sees that he was killed by a broken neck. Now Daryl is really suspicous of Shane’s story.

Rick starts to ask Shane questions about his story. Rick isn’t buying it. They have not seen Daryl and Glenn yet. Rick knows that Shane was planning on killing him. Shane thinks that he is going to kill Rick and tell the group that Randall killed him and then Shane snapped his neck. Rick asks him why. Shane laughs and says no way man. Rick tells him that Shane won’t be able to live with. Shane is like what can you live with. They start to argue. Shane thinks that he can be a better husband and dad to Lori and Carl. Shane tells him to raise his gun. Rick says no he will have to shoot an unarmed man. Rick shows him his gun and tells him that they can come back from this. They can pretend nothing happened here. They can put it behind them. He goes to give the gun to Shane and grabs Shane’s gun and stabs him and leaves him to bleed. Shane dies right there in the grass. Rick is totally upset. He didn’t want to do this.

Carl comes out to find Rick leaning over Shane. Carl is upset and looks afraid of Rick now. Carl holds the gun up but not to shoot Rick, to shoot Shane who is now a Zombie and coming at Rick! He shoots Shane dead in the head! Rick is impressed with Carl. Out in the yard many walkers are heading to the farm after hearing the gun shot!

The END! The season finale is next week.


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