Two And A Half Men Recap: ‘The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack’ 2/6/12

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Two And A Half Men Recap: 'The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack' 2/6/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Two And A Half Men’s ninth season and we’ve waited for so long! In case you’ve missed the last episode of the show, you can check out our official recap here.

This episode is titled, The Duchess Of Dull-In-Sack — check out the official synopsis:

Walden tries to loosen up Zoey by sharing a couple of Berta’s special brownies.

Does Walden try to get Zoey high?!? What on Earth is he thinking? Has the show hit a new low with this scripting?

Will there be any more penis jokes? Will Walden and Zoey break things off? Will they fight? Do you even care? All of these questions and more will be answered when we recap the show at 9PM EST. Stay tuned!


Walden faces a big problem as he finds that his girlfriend Zoey doesn’t enjoying sex with him anymore. Walden talks to Alan about the problem and Alan asks him if he’s ever talked to Zoey about it. Walden says no and Alan tells him to do so.

Later, Walden makes a date to be with Zoey and she gets a babysitter for her daughter for the evening. Walden confronts her about not enjoying their sex life, when Berta overhears their talk. Walden suggests that they role play. Zoey tells Walden that she is satisfied with their sex life, but he’s not buying it.

After eavesdropping on their chat, Berta offers Walden some of her pot brownies in an attempt to loosen Zoey up. Walden and Zoey watch a movie together, but after eating one of the brownies, she gets paranoid that someone is coming after her.

Walden goes after Zoey, but finds Jake and his buddy, who are both stoned. Alan comes home to find Zoey in the kitchen, eating everything in sight. She tells Alan about trusting a man and having orgasm after orgasm.

Walden later ends up bonding with Zoey’s daughter. Her daughter gets disappointed by her father, who can’t take her to the zoo. Her daughter invites Walden to go to the zoo with them. Awww.

Later that night, Walden and Zoey have sex and both are happy with it. Walden goes back home to find that Jake and his friend are still baked and looking for Zoey. Doh.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of the show?

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