The Walking Dead Recap/Preview Season 2 Finale Episode 13 ‘Beside The Dying Fire’ 03/18/12

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Tonight AMC’s hit drama The Walking Dead returns tonight for the season finale and this episode is going to make your skin crawl. If you want to be spoiled early you can check out this Spoiler Alert, but only if you don’t mind knowing what’s going to happen before the show starts! If not just watch the preview below and wait for our live recap of the show to get the scoop!

Last week a whole lot went down at the farm as Rick and the group were dealing with Randall their hostage. The decision to set him free away from the farm was made after Dale was killed by a walker on the previous episode. Dale was very concerned about the groups humanity and he thought Randall should be set free not killed.

Unfortunately for Randall not everyone in the group felt the same way. As Shane becomes more and more envious of Rick he decides to use Randall as a way to get rid of Rick. If you missed last weeks episode you can catch up with our recap.

Join us here tonight for the live recap and be sure to keep refreshing the page in order to get the up-to-the-minute details of the episode.


Rick and Carl return from the woods to find the farm in jeopardy. The group is split up in the ensuing chaos. With things looking grim, Rick’s leadership is questioned.



Tonight’s episode starts with how the walkers left town and began their way into the woods and out to where Hershel’s farm is. There are hundreds and thousands of them heading in that direction. They come to a wood fence that they begin to break though and continue walking. They walk thru the woods and hear the gun shots fired and follow the noise to the farm where Rick and Carl are heading back to the house.

In the house Andrea is wanting to go after all the guys. Daryl and Glenn come back and tell them all about how Randall was now a walker and Daryl thinks that Shane was behind all this. They decide to go out to find Rick and Shane.

Meanwhile Rick and Carl are walking back to the house and Carl is asking about how Shane ended up dead. Rick goes to tell Carl when he sees the walkers approaching.

All the others in the house see them too!

Rick and Carl are hiding and trying to run from the walkers. They go to the barn and lock themselves in.

The others at the house are trying to come up with a plan. Lori realizes that Carl is not there and now they are looking for him. She is paniced! They think he went after Rick!

Rick and Carl are trying to figure what to do since the walkers are starting to break down the barn.

Hershell tells Daryl this is his farm and he will die here.

Rick starts dumping gasoline and tells Carl to drop the liter when he tells him. He needs him to do this. Rick is hoping this will get rid of some of them. He opens the door and lets them and he runs up the ladder. He tells Carl to drop it. The fire engulfs them.

Meanwhile Daryl and the others are heading out to the barn and they start to shoot as many of the walkers as they can. There are so many of them though it’s hard to kill them all. They continue to drive around and shoot. The barn claims many but not enought. Lori still can’t find Carl. She is having a total hissy! Hershel’s son is driving hte RV and he pulls up to the barn to get Carl and Rick out of there. The Walkers start to invade the RV and kill Hershel’s son. Rick and Carl take off from the top of the RV and run like hell. Total Chaos!

The walkers are over taking the farm. Everyone is in separate cars trying to herd them into one spot.

Rick takes Carl into the woods.

Hershel is still trying to kill the walkers in front of the  house with his rifle. Carol talks Lori into leaving and Lori screams for Carl and she tells Hershel they have to go. He is being stubborn! The others all run like hell to the cars when a walker takes down Hershels daughter Beth. They eat her. Carol ends up cornered. Andrea tries to save her but Andrea ends up screwed too.

Meanwhile T Dog and Lori take off leaving Andrea and Carol to fend for themselves. Glenn and Maggie have to get off the farm. Glenn tells her to take off. It’s a loss cause. The farm is gone now.

Hershel is still killing off walkers when one approaches from behind and Rick kills them. Rick, Carl and Hershel leave the farm. It has been over taken by the walkers. Hershel is upset. Andrea is left behind and she runs for the woods.

Daryl sees Carol and he comes to her rescue on his motorcycle. Carol is running and runnning when he picks her up. They take off.

Rick, Carl and Hershel are in the truck on the way out of the farm. All seems lost now! The farm is empty of life! Nothing but walkers left now.

Carol and Daryl are heading out of the farm and dodging walkers on the way out.

Maggie and Glenn are also heading out to the highway. Maggie is upset wondering whether her family made it or not. Glenn tells her to go to the highway. He tells her to stop the car. He gets out and and he gets in the drivers seat. Maggie is falling apart. Glenn tells her they are alive and they made it. He thinks they all made it. He tells her that he loves her! So sweet! He tells her it will be alright.

Rick, Carl and Hershel are at the highway hoping that the others will show up here. Carl is upset and he wants to go back and get MOM!. He can’t understand why they won’t go back for her. Rick tries to talk to him but he doesn’t want to listen. Hershel tells Rick he has to get his son to safety and he will wait for his family. Hershel doesn’t care anymore. He will stay behind. Rick tells him that they shouldn’t split up. He wants to stay together and wait for the others to show up.

Meanwhile T Dog and Lori and Hershel’s daughter. T Dog wants to head to the coast and he won’t go back to the farm. Lori wants to jump out fo the truck. T Dog is mad but he turns around to go back to look for Carl and Rick.

Meanwhile a walker comes up on the highway and Rick, Carl and Hershel and they hide from it. How long can they stay there before the highway becomes overrun. Rick tells Carl it’s not safe here and they must leave. All of sudden they hear a motorcycle and it’s Daryl and Carol, And Glenn and Maggie and T Dog and Lori and Hershel’s daughter Beth. Lori asks about Shane. Rick just says he didn’t make it. Patricia and Jimmy were killed. Andrea was left behind. Rick decides they can’t look for her. T Dog says head east. They have to get out of there and going back to the farm is not an option. They leave Andrea behind.

Out in the woods Andrea is still running her ass off trying to get away from the walkers. They are hot on her trail. She is loosing steam though and getting very tired. SHe reloads the guns and kills a walker by smashing his head on. She continues to run and shoot off as many as she can. They are gaining on her.

Rick is running out of gas. They all pull over. They have Hershel and his two daughters and Glenn and Carol and Daryl. Rick wants to set up a perimeter until the morning. Rick knows it looks bad but at least we found each other. He tells them they will find shelter somewhere. Glenn is worried that there are more walkers then usual. They have to stick together. Daryl tells Rick about Randall that he wasn’t bit but he was a walker. Rick decides to come clean. He tells them they are all infected. That is what Jenner told him at the CDC. They all carry it. It doesn’t matter whether you have been bitten. The group is soo pissed at him. Rick thought is was best that they all didn’t know and that’s why he didn’t say anything. Even Lori is pissed at him.

Lori walks up to Rick alone and hugs him. She tells him she is sure he had his reason for not telling them. Rick comes clean to Lori about killing Shane. He tells her that Shane Killed Randall and used it as a way to kill him. Rick is tore up about having to kill Shane. He tells her that he pushed him and he let him. Rick knew what he was up to. He just wanted this whole thing over. Lori is silent. She is in shock because Rick tells her he wanted him dead. He wanted it over. He tells that Shane turned and that’s how he knew Jenner was right. He tells her that Carl is the one that killed walker Shane. Lori starts to cry and Rick tries to comfort her. She flinches away from him. She is upset clearly about Carl killing Shane. Everyone is turning on Rick!

Andrea is still out in the woods fighting off the walkers. She is getting really tired. She is attacked but then saved by a hooded figure that kills the walker.

Back at the new camp site the group is not happy with Rick at all. Carol thinks they are not safe with him. Carol tells Daryl he should leave because he is better then that.

Maggie thinks the same thing and Hershel tells them it’s crazy. They hear a noise in the woods. Rick tells everyone to seat tight. Rick tells them that he is trying to keep them safe no matter what it takes. He tells them all about Shane and how he killed him. He tells them all that he did not give him a choice. Rick feels his hands are clean. T Dog is still keeping watch. Rick tells them to go find out what they need to go on. They can send him a post card. Whatever. No one leaves. Rick tells them that he is in charge period! No one is happy with Rickk’s attitude. In the distance there is a prison. A large one at that!

The End of Season


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