The Voice Season 2 Premiere Auditions Recap

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The Voice Season 2 Premiere Recap

Last night was the season two premiere of The Voice as it made a special appearance after the Super Bowl game. I happen to like The Voice, only because it allows the judges to listen to a singer’s true vocal talent in order for them to pass to the next stage of the competition.

In case you’re new to the show, we will offer some insight into how the show works. The show is hosted by Carson Daly (why, NBC, why?!??). He is joined by four judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. They start off each performance with their backs turned to the performers. If they like what they hear, they hit their button and turn around to the singer with their “I want you” sign lit up. If more than one judge hits their button, then it’s up to the singer to choose who they want as a coach.

RaeLynn was up first, singing her rendition of Miranda Lambert’s song, Hell On Heels. Adam, Christina and Blake turn around for her, but obviously she chose Blake…It’s his wife’s song, after all.

Jesse Campbell sang A Song For You next and wow’ed all of the judges except for Blake. Doh! Christina lured him into her lair by telling him that she would fight for him.

Juliet Simms sang The Beatles’ song, Oh Darling and she nailed it. Even though Adam hit his button, stood up and sang along, she opted to go with the guy that paid her a compliment, which was Cee Lo. She is our favorite from the premiere auditions episode. Hands down. She should’ve gone with Adam.

Up next was Chris Mann with his rendition of Because We Believe. It’s a song that we’ve never heard before (operatic) but still, he’s got true singing talent. Again, Christina lured him in under her wing for the Battle Rounds.

Lastly, we had Tony Lucca, a former friend of Christina’s from her days on the Mickey Mouse Club. It was weird that she didn’t even recognize the guy. Adam, Christina and Blake all turn their chairs around for him. Adam even hit Cee Lo’s button, which is the reason Tony chose Adam’s team. Someone must’ve told Christina who he was, because she chased him back stage to say hello to him and his family.

What did you think of the premiere episode of The Voice? Can Adam Levine look any hotter? Can Christina Aguilera show off any more cleavage without the censors going nuts? What do you think of all of the zingers between the judges? Hit the comments with your thoughts and stay tuned for tonight’s recap of the show!


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