The Voice Season 2 Episode 2 Blind Audtions 02/06/12

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Tonight The Voice continues with the second episode of auditions and Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton are ready to hear the contestants belt out some tunes! Stay tuned for the live recap of these audtions.

In case you’re new to the show, we will offer some insight into how the show works. The show is hosted by Carson Daly (why, NBC, why?!??). He is joined by four judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. They start off each performance with their backs turned to the performers. If they like what they hear, they hit their button and turn around to the singer with their “I want you” sign lit up. If more than one judge hits their button, then it’s up to the singer to choose who they want as a coach.

What team will you be rooting for?

Tonight the competition begins with the coaches singing some “Prince” to show us and the contestants how it’s done! They are pretty good, no surprise there.

Hailey and Leeland and their band name is The Line and they start the night off with American Girl by “The Line”. Blake Shelton pops the buzzer first before he even realizes that there are two singers not just one. Christina and Cee Lo hit it afterward and Adam last. The coaches are having a knock down drag out fight for the duet! They discuss their decision. They choose team Christina! She laughs it up at the other three.

The next contestant is Jamar Rogers from New York and he is a volunteer and six years ago he cleaned himself up from drugs and has turned his life around. He also found out that because of his drug use he was HIV positive and still gets out there to try and make a change in the world for other people. His mother joins him at the blind audtions. He comes out singing Seven Nation Army. The first to pop the buzzer is Ceel Lo Green! Adam, Christina and Shelton turn at the end of the song. Jamar is a hard core Cee Lo Fan. He is all Cee Lo team!

The show moves on with Neil Middleton as the next contestant joined by his kids and his wife and he is looking for this to be his chance to make a life for his children. He feels this is his last chance to live his dream.  He decides to sing ”Through The Grapevine” and coaches all turn at the same time at the end. He didn’t make it! So sad for him and his family. There we others that didn’t make it either.

As the show leads on Gwen Sebastion is putting a family on hold until she can get her career in music to get it off the ground. She comes out singing “Stay” by Sugarland. The first to turn is Blake Shelton and then Cee Lo. Adam turn next. Blake thinks you have the sound for country music. Adam, Blake and Cee Lo start the war! She goes with Blake of course!! He is soo happy. Gwen’s husband is excited!

Pamela Rose is also up and she is here with her mother and sister. She comes out to sing “Already Gone”. Is she a chair turner? She does not get a chair turner. She is turned down but glad for the opportunity.

Next up is Kim Yarbrough is a woman that’s a little older than the other contestants, 50, so far but she is confident and ready to show the judges what she’s got. She sings “Tell Me Something Good”. Adam is the first to hit the buzzer and Christina is second. The war begins. She picks coach Adam! He finally has his first one for the night.

Staff SGT Angie Johnson is in the Airforce and she is ready to show America what else she can do. Carson is the one who found Angie. She chooses to sing “Heartbreaker”. She turns the chair of Ceel Lo first. She has team Cee Lo all the way. She made it! 

A Yale Football player gives up the sport for The Voice! Dez Duron  is ready to have a music career and he chooses to sing “I Want It That Way”. He doesn’t turn a chair unfortunately. Too bad to because not only does he have a great voice but he is so adorable. He gave it his all. Christina is angry at herself for not pushing the button.

Next is Lindsey Pavao is singing “Say Aah” and she gets Christina’s vote first. She gets Cee Lo’s vote as well as Blake’s. Cee Lo tells her that she is the coolest thing that has happened on the second season.  The battle begins. Lindsey picks Christina! She has won again!

Hoja Lopez is the next one to grace the stage singing “Teenage Dream” and she definitely has a different tune to her. She does not turn any chairs unfortunately. She wasn’t bad but you could tell the nerves were coming out.

Coming to the stage next is Jermaine Paul and he was a back up singer for Alicia Keys. He comes to the Voice with his daughter and wife. He comes on singing “Complicated” and he is hitting it just right. Cee Lo turnd his chair first. Blake throws the next buzzer. He got two chairs to spin for him. Both Cee Lo and Blake fight it out. Christina is mad at herself. He picks coach Blake!

 To the stage now is Angel Taylor as the final contestant of the night. She feels music is an escape for her. She comes out to sing “Someone Like You” by Adele. Adam is the first to spin his chair. Blake is the next to spin. Cee Lo spins next. Adam loves her and so does Cee Lo. They battle it out. She picks Adam. Blake is crushed!

The night is over. But more to come next week.



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  1. the voice is a good show

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