The Voice Recap Season Episode 5: Final Blind Auditions 02/27/12

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Tonight NBC’s hit reality show “The Voice” returns with the final blind auditions to complete each of the coaches teams. Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton are ready to complete their teams for the competition. We shall see how wars break out tonight between all the coaches as they are on the wire to complete the teams.

We hope the contestants tonight are ready to give it there all since this is the last night of the auditions and the coaches are going to be looking for the best of the best to finish their teams. Will any of the contestants tonight actually get a all four chair turner? Join us tonight for the full recap of the show and let’s see who gets on what teams!

In case you’re new to the show, we will offer some insight into how the show works. The show is hosted by Carson Daly (why, NBC, why?!??). He is joined by four judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. They start off each performance with their backs turned to the performers. If they like what they hear, they hit their button and turn around to the singer with their “I want you” sign lit up. If more than one judge hits their button, then it’s up to the singer to choose who they want as a coach.


Tonight we begin the last of the blind auditions and the coaches are reved up! Will the contestants show their best!

First up is Whitney Myer, 25, from Reno NV and she sings with her father and uncle now. She is looking to be as successful as she can in this industry! She has wanted this since she was five years old. She comes to the stage to sing “No One”. The first to hit their button is coach Adam. He looks dazed in her singing. Cee Lo hit his next. Blake goes next. Christina is thinkg about it but doesn’t do it. But just then she changed her mind and hits the button! All four! Impressive! Let the battle begin. Boy the coaches are really talkin the talk tonight. They are fighting for Whitney Hard! Adam and Christina are fighting hard for this one. It’s a tough choice but  Whitney picks coach  Adam! Adam is soo happy! Her family is soo excited! Adam now only needs one more for his team

David Dunn, 27, from Texas and is ready to sing it up. His father owns an oil company and he is an engineer by schooling. But he wants to follow his dream. He comes to the stage singing “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. He is pretty good. No one pushes their button. David is crushed! The crowd thought he was wonderful! They realize they all missed out on that one. He takes it well though.

The Shields brothers are up next and they are all rock n’ roll! They live on a farm in Virgina with their parents. Mom and Dad want them out of the house and making some money for a change, They come out sing ” Dancing With Myself”. Cee Lo hits his button first. They are the new edition to Cee Lo’s team. They really made the crowd go crazy! They all agree they need to be with Cee Lo. They are soo fun! Their parents are ecstatic! Cee Lo needs two more contestants to complete his team.

Cheesa, 21, from Hawaii and she was 10 when she started singing. Her and her family moved to Los Angeles in order to help Cheesa start a career in music. She is looking for total support. She decides to sing ”She If I Were A Boy”! She has an amazing voice. Cee Lo turns his chair at the last minute! She likes Cee Lo! Adam helped Cee Lo push the button and helped Chessa to get on the show. She is excited! Her family is sooo happy they are all crying. Cee Lo only needs one more no to complete his team.

Next up to the stage Preston Shannon, 64, from Memphis, TN. and he is looking to score a record deal out of all this. He needs some help and he thinks they can train him. He comes to the stage singing and playing guitar to ”In The Midnight Hour”. No One turns a chair. So sad. Because he was awesome! Adam is pissed off at himself for not picking Preston. They are all kicking themselves for that one. He is upset that he wasn’t picked but he bows graciously anyways as he leaves the stage.

Lex Land, 24, from Austin, Texas and she is a music camp counselor. She loves music all the way around. She is looking to get somewhere with the Voice. She is nervous and scared to stand in front of the crowd. She comes to the stage singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” Cee Lo and Adam both press their buttons right away! Blake is the next to press his button. She has three chairs turned! How impressive! Let the war of the coaches begin! She is soo excited and doesn’t know who to go with.  It’s going to be a rough choice but she chooses coach Blake Shelton! Blake is the happy winner on this one! Blake rubs it in everyones face of course. Her family is soo happy for her! Blake only needs one more spot!

The next contestant to hit the stage is Orlando Napier, 25 from Los Angeles Ca. and he gets a visit at one of his gigs from Carson with his invitation for the Voice!

Cameron Novack, 28, and he is ready to show the coaches what he can do! He is very unique and could be good for one of the teams. He comes to the stage singing “You Ougtta Know”. No one turns a chair. They are going to hate themselves. He is upset that no one picked him and he goes off on a rap! Cee Lo says he made a mistake. He wishes he would have picked him. Will they break the rules for Cameron! They can’t do it. Cee Lo apologizes to him! It is clear he is upset. He goes back to his girlfriend he says it’s there loss!

Betty White comes out singing to see if she can get a chair to turn. She sings over Zac Effron. The Lorax picks Betty of course! So cute!

Orlando Napier is up going up next and he is ready to show the coaches what he can do. Can he prove to them that he has what it takes. He comes to the stage singing and playing piano ”Waiting On The World To Change”. Adam is the first to turn right away! Adam gets Orlando! Adam boasts about his timing! Adam is so happy he doesn’t have to fight for him! Orlando is excited about being picked! Backstage his girlfriend and father are soo happy! Adam has all his team!

Next up is Lee Cook, 27 and he owns a bakery with his wife. He is looking to be a musician before a baker. He comes to the stage singing”Like A Rolling Stone”. Christina turns at the last second to take up a new member of her team. His harmonica really sold it. She feels he is a great addition to her team! This was his last shot! She gives him a big hug as he exits the stage. He wife is soooo happy for him!

Wade, 18 from Alabama is going up next to see what he can prove to the coaches. He is ready to get up on stage and sing. He is going to give it his best shot and he hopes a chair will turn. He comes to the stage singing “Rehab”. He has a very interesting voice. The crowd starts to get into it. Cee Lo hits his button first. Cee Lo has his twelth member of his team. Adam was happy that Cee Lo picked him. Wade is very happy to be on the show.  Cee Lo’s team is now complete!

Blake and Christina are left to battle it out for their last members of their team. Will they find what they are looking for?

Next to hit the stage is Adley Stump from Oklahoma. She is a country music girl and she is young but she ready to make an impression. She has only been singing for about 10 months. Maybe Blake will be her man! She goes to the stage singing “Last Name”. Both Christina and Blake turn their chairs. Let the battle begin. She picks coach Blake! He is soo excited! The crowd goes wild. Her family is soo ecstatic! She is on cloud nine! Blake’s team is now complete!

The next one up is Beta and she does not move her. Next is Aaron Gordon did not move her enough either. She is being picky! Lanan Lowe is a no win too. She is looking for the best.

Danny Devito gives a song for the judges! He gets no vote from the cast of The Lorax!

The next one up for the final team member on Christina’s team is  Sera Hill, 24 and she has been working for her break in life for her dreams. She comes with her parents to the auditions. She has been singing since she was 6 years old. She sings from her heart. She comes to the stage singing “I Am Going Down”. Her voice is amazing. Christina turns for her! She loves this girls voice as much as the crowd does. She has a beautiful voice! She is just what Christina has been waiting for. Christina gets up and sings with Sera. They sing wonderfull together. Team Christina is now complete!

The battle rounds are next.




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