The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 1 Recap 1/2/12

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The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 1 Recap 1/2/12

After getting rejected by Ashley Hebert on the last season of The Bachelorette, Ben Flajnik has returned to ABC in The Bachelor — to find true love.

The show airs tonight on ABC at 8PM EST and we’ll be covering the show live — as it airs! Stay tuned for our up-to-the-minute recap!


After getting his heart broken by Ashley, Ben went back to his winery and focused on work, in order to move on. Tonight, he’ll be greeting 25 women to see who can catch his heart. Now, we’re meeting the women who will vie for Ben’s affections on the show.

Ben says that he’s ready and excited for what’s ahead. He said that when he was ready to propose to Ashley, he hoped that everything went according to plan, but it didn’t. He says that he doesn’t regret doing it and he went through an adventure and is a different man today.

Ben is meeting the ladies and they all seem nervous to get to know each other. Some are awkward (the blogger) and he seemed taken with the model. He seems genuinely happy to have 25 women looking to date him.

Sheryl is 72-years-old and says that she fell madly in love with him after watching the show last season. Then it all makes sense, as she introduces her granddaughter to Ben…. Perhaps something to remember her? Brownie points perhaps?

The last woman came in to the house on a horse! All the women seem miffed that they didn’t think of that. How are they going to grab his attention?

Rachel spent some time with Ben first, but revealed that she left her job to come on the show. Red flag?!?

Nicki met up with Ben next for some one on one time and she told him about her past, because she said that she learned from all of it.

Lindzi C. had some time with Ben and told him that she tried to make wine with store bought grapes. He chuckled and said that it doesn’t work that way.

Sheryl and Brittney met up with Ben — and the other girls are upset that they didn’t bring their grandmother along for the show. As Ben joins the rest of the group, Chris brings out the first impression rose.

Holy crap, the epidiomologist is rapping….Sheesh. Run, Ben, run! I guess he liked it. Ugh. The model, Courtney, seems like a bit of a flake. Is Courtney trying to hit on Blakely?!?

Jenna and Monica seem to be having an issue, but Rachel went to investigate. Rachel is going to mediate. It’s awkward because Jenna tells Monica that she doesn’t think she likes her. Monica says that she doesn’t even know her. That was strange. Now Jenna, the blogger, is crying.

Even after meeting Ben, she went to the bathroom and started crying, because she’s so nervous. Ben grabbed the first impression rose and stole Lyndzi C. away and gave it to her. She was the same girl who rode into the house on a horse.

It’s time for the rose ceremony!

Seventeen more roses are about to be passed out! Here’s a list of who’s getting roses:

Casey B.
Casey S.

Were you shocked by the outcome?

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