The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 6 2/6/12

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The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 6 2/7/12

We have already had quite the crazy drama with this season of The Bachelor, so why should tonight be any different? In episode six of the sixteenth season, Bachelor Ben Flajnik takes the competitors to Panama! As always, if you’ve missed last week’s show, you can read our full recap here.

From ABC’s synopsis of tonight’s show:

Ben and the women travel to Panama; a two-on-one date ends with one woman being sent home; Kacie B. opens up to Ben; Chris confronts Casey S. about a secret she has been keeping.

What secret could she possibly be keeping? We’ve heard rumors that she is already engaged to someone else….or that she already has a boyfriend back home.

Also of note, Kacie B. is said to get the one-on-one date with Ben, while he takes some of the remaining ladies to a face painting thing at a local tribe. We’ve heard rumors that tonight, Casie S., Blakely and Jamie all get eliminated from the show.

Will Emily still try to pound it into Ben’s head that Courtney is no good? From the previews, we’ve seen that it might just take a group intervention for Ben to see how conniving Courtney really is.

Stay tuned for our live recap, tonight, as the show airs at 8PM EST!


Kacie B. got the date card and Blakely is jealous! Courtney also chimes in saying that she hopes Ben sends her home. Ugh, this woman. He whisks her away to a private island where they dig a bunch of stuff out of their bags for some relationship teamwork. They catch some fish together and they both have a good time. Ben doesn’t look so “caveman-like” tonight…Weird. At dinner, she opens up with him.

Meanwhile, the other ladies receive a date card. Ben wants to take Emily, Nicki, Lyndzi, Casie S., Courtney and Jamie on a group date. Later, Blakely and Rachel are going on a two-on-one date. Rachel says that the date is going to be awkward, while Blakely is excited.

Kacie B. opened up to Ben about her former issue with an eating disorder. Ben tells her that he appreciates her openness and honesty. He gives her the rose and they smooch. She says that she’s falling in love with him. Don’t do it Kacie!

Ben is taking the women on their group date in the jungle. They take a boat to a village greet the locals. The girls are taken into huts by the local women to change into some local attire. Courtney opts instead of wearing her bikini to take it off, revealing a lot underneath. See photos of her bikini-less HERE.

Lyndzi got a kiss from Ben as Rachel and Blakely are discussing their two-on-one date with him. Ben takes Courtney away and the other ladies are talking about her. Courtney tells Ben that they need to keep their spark alive. She says that she plans on spending some private time with Ben later. Will she break the rules again?

Jamie starts talking to Ben and Courtney emerges in a nearby pool in a bikini and steals his attention. Conniving. Jamie is talking and talking and Ben has a one-track mind with boobs, boobs, boobs.

Emily takes Ben aside and jokes that there’s another man in her life. She said that she feels like she got sidetracked a little bit. She said that it was a lesson in not making enemies. She regrets talking about Courtney previously. She apologizes for making a rush judgment with Courtney and Courtney says that she respects that she was upfront about it. She says that she doesn’t forgive and forget and she doesn’t take being disrespected lightly. Ugh.

Ben takes Lyndzi aside and gives her the rose. Courtney is miffed that she didn’t get the rose and wants “some sort of reward”. She wants him to come to her room later and says that would be better than getting a rose.

Blakely and Rachel are going on their one-on-one date with Ben and he’s taking them on a date salsa dancing. They go to a nightclub for some salsa lessons. Rachel dances with Ben first, because she doesn’t want to be overshadowed by Blakely’s aggressive behavior. Rachel says that it’s awkward watching Ben dance with Blakely and tries to interrupt them. Blakely is stripper dancing on Ben and Rachel finally breaks in. Blakely seems confident that the rose is hers.

Afterward, Ben takes the ladies on a dinner date to Clementina’s. Ben takes Rachel away to talk to her. Rachel says that Blakely is fast moving with him and she wants him to know that she wholeheartedly wants to be there. Later, he takes Blakely aside and she tells him that she’s very nervous. She tells him that a one-on-one date would have validated how he feels about her. She doesn’t want to lose him before he gets to know her. She shows him a scrapbook that she’s made of their journey together. Creepy. He gives the rose to Rachel! Blakely is going home — and she’s crying.

Chris Harrison shows up to talk to Casie S. privately. He tells her that it was brought to his attention that she’s in love with someone else. It’s her ex-boyfriend, Michael, and they’ve already talked to him. Michael told the producers of the show that they are still in a relationship. She tells Chris that she broke up with him over a year ago when he didn’t want to get married. She says that she still has hope that he will change and she doesn’t want to be in love with him, but she is.

Chris suggests they go talk to Ben. She tells Ben that she came into this trying to get over someone that she was in love with and he didn’t want to get married. She tells him that she’s not completely over him. He said that he wishes she would’ve told him sooner. She said that she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to marry her. She starts crying. He tells her that he thinks she should go home. Chris goes back to the other girls to tell them that Casie was in love with another man coming on the show and she’s on her way back to the States.

Ben talks to each of the ladies individually. Jamie is rambling on about how much of a prude she is, but she wants to turn him on. She straddles him and starts kissing him. He says that he didn’t think she had it in her. As much as he’s been swapping spit with all of the other ladies, that was his first kiss with Jamie. She wanted to French kiss him, but it was a huge FAIL. Awkward!

Who already has a rose: Kacie B., Rachel and Lyndzi.

Rose Ceremony — Who is getting a rose tonight (in order):


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  1. Wow my impression of Courtney (which started out as not so good) is quickly dropping, by the time she goes home I wonder how far she will have stooped.

    Comment by 1koolfreak — 02/06/2012 @ 10:43 pm

  2. Courtney is just playing the game. She’s going to win too! Piss on all the haters.

    Comment by Benisafrizzyhaireddickwad — 02/07/2012 @ 12:08 pm

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