The Bachelor Recap: Season 16, Episode 2 1/9/12

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The Bachelor Recap: Season 16, Episode 2 1/9/12

It’s the second episode of season 16 of The Bachelor with Sonoma winemaker, Ben Flajnik!

The show airs tonight at 8PM EST — stay tuned, we’ll be providing you with our live coverage of the show — as it airs! Keep refreshing for the latest scoop!


All of the ladies are going to meet Ben in Sonoma, California, which is Ben’s hometown. Ben has a date card for Kacie B., so she gets the first date! He picked her because he felt that she’s a real genuine woman. All of the other women seem to be jealous that she was picked first.

Ben took Kacie for a stroll and showed her the sights in the city. They go to a place with a piano and play it together. They go to a candy shop and pick up a Kermit the Frog lunchbox. She goes back in for a baton and tells him that she used to twirl one when she was younger. He taught her piano and she taught him how to twirl a baton.

Ben and Kacie went to dinner, where they talked about his father and the type of relationship he’s looking for. They seem to be getting along naturally.

Another date card comes to the house and he’s taking 12 of the women on a group date. Afterward, the show goes back to Ben on his date and he’s got a rose there. He said that he could see her there in Sonoma and gave her the rose and a kiss. Afterward, he takes her to the Sebastian Theatre and they’re the only ones there. On the big screen, the theater is showing clips of her playing with her dad when she was little. After that, she gets to see videos of Ben when he was younger — and naked. Ha. Ben starts to tear up after seeing his father on the screen.

For their group date, the ladies are going to audition for a play. He takes the women to meet the playwrights — and it turns out that it’s a bunch of children. They wrote a fairytale and they told the ladies that they’re going to be the judges.

My favorite line of the night: What do you get when you cross a gingerbread man with a hooker? BLAKELY!

It turned out to be a really cute play and most of the ladies enjoyed their parts. Ben shed his sheep costume and was standing on stage in his boxers!

Ben has brought all of the ladies back to the house for drinks. Now that Blakeley is sucking up to Ben to get the rose on the table, Samantha is in the bathroom, upset.

Back at the house, another date card arrived. The card said that he wants to spin the bottle with Courtney. She’s nasty! She’s getting under the other women’s skin. Go figure, she’s got a nasty attitude.

Blakely is dead set on getting a rose tonight. After he gets snatched up for some alone time by Jennifer, he gets stolen away by Blakely. The other women think she’s throwing herself at Ben, as it’s a “quick and easy” way to get a man’s attention. And he awarded the rose to Blakely. Ugh.

Now, Ben is taking Courtney for her date, along with his dog, Scotch. They go on a picnic together in the woods. Down by the lake, they have wine and talk about the future. Afterward, he takes her for a nighttime tractor ride. Then, they walk to a candlelit dinner and she seems really impressed with Ben. He gave her a rose! At the end of their date, it looks like they need to get a room!

Ben stole Lyndzi away from the group. He told her that she didn’t get a date this week because she had already made a great first impression. Next, he stole Samantha away from the other ladies. She’s explaining herself to Ben, but their one-on-one time gets interrupted by Blakely. The other women are getting upset because she keeps interrupting them.

Next, he takes Jenna by the pool to get to know her better. She’s weird in their encounter, telling him that she feels like a guy around the other women all of the time. Then, she gets interrupted by another of the women.

After a lot of the women start talking smack about Blakely, she goes to the luggage room, sits on the floor and starts crying. Ben senses the tension in the house and how the women keep getting emotional. Now, he’s looking for Blakely. She tells him that the whole thing is awkward, but they’re good. Could it have been her plan to get his attention?

Now, he went to talk to Jenna, who’s in her bed, crying. It’s time for the rose ceremony, so who’s going to get a rose and who’s going home???


Kacie S.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised to see Jenna get eliminated? We weren’t, she was a tragic, emotional mess. Ugh. Good riddance.

Next week, Ben is taking the ladies to San Francisco, where undoubtedly there will be nothing but drama!

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