Once Upon A Time ‘True North’ Review

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Once Upon A Time 'True North' Review

Last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time was a good one! This episode was titled, True North, and it featured Hansel and Gretel doing the evil queen’s bidding. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our official recap here.

The Queen picks up the duo’s father in the woods and snatches him up. Then, she finds the children out in the woods all alone, looking for their father. So, she tells them to do her bidding and she will reunite them with their father.

She sends them into the blind witch’s house of candies and sweets to retrieve a satchel containing an apple. When they return the satchel to her after locking the blind witch in the oven, she offers them a place to live — in the castle with her. They decline, telling her that she has to keep up her end of the bargain. They don’t want carriages and their own rooms, they just want to be reunited with their father. She banishes them. Afterward, she brings their father in and sets him free so that they can all possibly find each other.

In Storybrooke, the children are actually thieving orphans. Emma vows to help them find their father. She goes to Mr. Gold and asks for information on who purchased the compass that the children were holding onto as their only remaining item from their dad. He refers her to Michael, the mechanic.

She goes to Michael and tells him about the twins, only to get rebuffed. He isn’t ready for any type of responsibility. She is ordered by Regina to take the kids to Boston. Just as she’s leaving Storybrooke, her patrol car breaks down. She calls Michael for help.

He comes to the scene of the breakdown, only to meet his kids for the first time. He can’t send them into the system and wants to take care of them, no matter how uncertain he is about being a father.

What did you think of last night’s episode of the show? Are we going to find out the significance of Emma’s baby blanket? Who is the stranger that came riding into town, as we seen in the promos?

Stay tuned, we’ll be providing you with spoilers as we get them!


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