Miley Cyrus And Her New Do!

by on January 23, 2012 | Comments Off

First an old boyfriend, then a new puppy, then $50K on 15 pounds lost and now she has cut 5 inches off her hair so she can look like one of the Hanson brothers. Maybe Miley Cyrus is going to join their band? Maybe she is trying out a new disguise? Who knows but I am sure this no nonsense do is much easier to deal with not to mention less rats nest like.

People Magazine:

“Just got a hurrrr cut,” the singer Tweeted that day, later adding, “I didn’t do anything to crazy. But I did take 5 inches off!”

She didn’t get too crazy, but she seems to be on a roll with changing her whole persona. Is Miley trying to be someone else or is she just finally growing up? It’s hard to tell but maybe this New Year has shed some light on who she wants to be.

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