Lindsay Lohan Trespasser Arrested!

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Yesterday on New Year’s Day Lindsay Lohan had an unwanted visitor at her home in Venice Beach. According to the report from TMZ at about 6:30pm yesterday at her pad someone came and knocked at the door. Lindsay went to the door and seen that it was someone she did not know and asked what he wanted. He would only tell her he needed to speak with her and she needed to open the door. She refused to open the door and asked the man to leave. The man refused to leave because he needed to speak with her.

Someone at the house called the police and they showed up soon after the call to arrest the trespasser.


The man arrested outside Lindsay Lohan’s house in Venice Beach yesterday is old enough to be her dad … at least according to several pics taken of the man in handcuffs.

It’s still unclear yet why the man came to Lindsay’s door insisting he must speak with her, however I am sure as more details are revealed the mystery will be solved.

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