Is Drew Carey Cracking Up?

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Drew Carey, 53, the Ohio legend and comedian who has mananged to build a successful career from his silly looks and wonderful personality. He has been a great comedian, had his own TV series, a popular comedy game show with old buds and now hosts “The Price Is Right” so why would he want to wreck what he has spent years building?

So is it a mid-life crisis or has Hollywood finally gotten to Drew? Has shedding 90 pounds and losing those thick nerd glasses made him think his sh*t don’t stink? He even dumped his long time girlfriend, Nicole Jaracz, after being engaged for four years for a 31 year old actress/model Kelley Whilden. No one seems to be certain of the answer to these questions.

In the most recent event, on Feb. 27, the 53-year-old funnyman posted a link to a very offensive song on his Twitter account. Calling it “my song of the day,” Drew exposed fans to the profane tune “**** This Town” by maverick country singer Robbie Fulks.

“It drops the F-bomb five times in the chorus alone, uses other expletives and makes a derogatory remark toward gays,” noted an insider.

Will Drew wake up and realize that he is acting like a total jerk before he manages to ruin his career? We sure hope so cause he is one funny fella to go wrecking his whole life this soon. Maybe someone just needs to slap the fool out of him!

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