Conrad Murray Trying To Avoid Paying Restitution To Michael Jackson’s Family?

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Conrad Murray Trying To Avoid Paying Restitution To Michael Jackson's Family?

Conrad Murray was convicted of the manslaughter of Michael Jackson and the family demanded that he pay them over $100 million in restitution. Now, the former doctor is back in court for his criminal case, trying to prove that Michael caused his own death.

Murray is asking the judge to deny Michael’s family the full restitution, claiming that the King of Pop administered the fatal dose of Propofol. The judge has yet to decide on a figure for the family’s restitution, but Murray wants the judge to nix that because of his responsibility in his own death.

When the judge decides on a figure, Murray’s attorney will try to get the judge to show that Michael was responsible for 50% of his death, thus reducing the award by half.

Do you think Murray and his lawyer will be successful in their attempts to lower the restitution amount? It’s not like he can come up with over $100 million to pay the family anyways, right?

What do you think?

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