Castle Recap: Season 4 Finale ‘Always’ 5/7/12

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Castle Recap: Season 4 Finale 'Always' 5/7/12

“Castle” returns tonight at 10PM EST on ABC with its season finale episode titled, “Always”. This is the most anticipated episode for us ever. Tonight we will finally get to see if Kate and Rick will be together. It’s a long time coming, isn’t it Caskett fans? Last week, they inched closer together in “Undead Again”. In case you’ve missed that episode, you can read our live recap details here.

Below is ABC’s official synopsis for tonight’s episode:

Castle tries to protect Beckett as she pursues the man who shot her; the 12th precinct is forever changed as feelings and secrets are revealed.

When the murder of an Army veteran puts Beckett on the trail of the man who shot her, Castle must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice to keep her safe. As secrets are revealed and feelings are put on the table, the lives of the detectives at the 12th Precinct may never be the same.

It sounds like we will get to see Kate and Rick proclaim their love for one another on tonight’s episode. Kate is going to pursue her mother’s murder, which has been a mystery for her since the series began. She isn’t likely to get close as this isn’t the series finale, but we will get to see Rick try to protect her, because he couldn’t at the end of season three when she was shot.

Stay tuned for our live recap at 10PM!


The show opens with Kate hanging on to a ledge and screaming for Rick. Three days prior to that, Rick is talking to Alexis about her valedictorian speech. She feels like she has nothing to say. Rick meets up with Kate and he offers for her to come over after Alexis’ graduation. She says she’d love to.

Esposito tells them about their latest victim and it looks like he was shot. The kill shot was point blank, execution style with a nine millimeter. Lanie tells them that he was carrying something that was about 30 pounds. Rick says that he was hiding lockpicks in his shoe. The victim, Orlando Costas, is a thief. He was in the military and was an MP in Germany. They’ve tracked down his girlfriend Marisol. She said that he was in bed with her last night, but she woke up and he was gone and so was her car. He had a hard time finding a job. Kate said that they know he was running with the Casadores, but she says NO.

Rick, Kate and Esposito are checking out the car. There was a .38 in the car. The victim was at Captain Montgomery’s house. They’re talking to Roy’s wife, who admits to shooting him with her husband’s .357. She said it was almost like he knew they weren’t supposed to be there. The guy was after Captain Montgomery’s files.

Rick goes to Kate and she tells him to say something reassuring. He said there are thousands of break-ins in the state. Kate confides in Rick that she wonders how she’s still alive. She feels as if she’s waiting for that other shoe to drop and what if this is that other shoe?

Back at his house, Rick is looking at Kate’s mother’s murder case. Martha wonders if the new case has anything to do with Johanna Beckett’s murder. He said they will come after Kate and he can’t let that happen again.

Kate tells Rick that the break-in wasn’t personal. Rick tells her that she’s not in this alone and that he’s here. She holds his hand until they get interrupted by Javier and Kevin. They are telling him that Vicente Delgado and Diego Gutierrez might have had something to do with the murder. The cops bust in and find Diego and question him about Orlando’s death. He tells her that she can’t pin this on him because he wasn’t there.

Javier tells her that it wasn’t him and the DNA on the weapon wasn’t his. The man who killed Orlando Costas in that alley is the same man who put a bullet in her heart. She says no leads for eleven months and now this. She doesn’t want them to tell Captain Gates because she’s sure she would be taken off of the case. She wants to work it. Kevin tells Javier that this feels wrong. Javier tells him that she will investigate this case whether she’s on it or not and the least they can do is watch her back.

Rick gets a call from the guy he knows with regard to Johanna’s death. Rick tells him that if she doesn’t stop, they will retaliate. He tells Rick he can’t control the situation. Kate tells Diego that they have enough on the drugs and weapons charges to put him away for five years. She tells him that she knows he didn’t kill Orlando, but she wants to know why he was in that alley. She can make all of the charges go away, but he has to tell her what he knows.

Diego said that Orlando was looking for work and needed something, but he didn’t give it to him. He was desperate talking about how “they” would be killing him. He said he told Orlando where to meet, but by the time he got there Orlando was already dead. Someone was targeting Orlando.

Marisol knew about the money and she just cleaned out their joint checking account an hour ago. Kate confronts Marisol at the bank and tells her that she has some questions for her before she leaves town and this time she wants the truth.

Marisol tells Kate that she didn’t know anything about the money until today. Kate threatens to put Marisol’s kid in custody and he’ll be on the street at 10 in the Casadores gang just like his father. She caves, telling them that he did a one-off job for a lot of money.

Rick and Kate go to the church Marisol was talking about, but the priest says that new people come in all of the time. They check out the church’s surveillance video, but it cuts off who Orlando was talking to. They freeze the video and see what the killer looks like. She doesn’t want to lose the lead and says that they have to do this one on their own.

Javier is looking over the footage of the killer and freezes it when he sees a keychain in his hand. It goes to Eastway car rentals. Rick goes to see Kate and tells her that she has to stop the investigation. She says she’s in control, but he says she’s not. He tells her that if she doesn’t stop the investigation, they’re going to kill her. Before Montgomery was killed, the killer sent his friend a package. He tells her of the deal that Montgomery’s “friend” to keep her safe. She asks if he was a part of this and he said that he was only trying to protect her. She wants to find the guy. He tells her that he’s a shadow in a parking garage. She asks how he could keep this from her. He says that he loves her, but she already knows that, doesn’t she?

He tells her that he’s more than a partner. He tells her that every morning he brings her coffee just to see her smile. He loves her and if that means anything to her, she would stop this. She tells him that he doesn’t get to decide. He tells her that she won’t get to decide and she’s ready. He says there’s nothing he can say. It’s her life and if she wants to throw it away, she can, but he’s not going to stick around and watch. He tells her this is over, he’s done and walks out.

Rick goes home to see Alexis’ graduation cap and she asks if everything is okay. She compiled all of the best speeches together and then read it aloud. She says she sounded like a “pompous ass”. She says everything is going to be different with moving on.

Kate is at her mother’s grave, tearing up over what she’s learned. Back at the station, Kate goes up to Javier and Kevin and they ask where Castle is. She tells them that he’s off the team. Kevin tells her that she can’t go in there unprepared and they need to put a car on the location. He tells Javier that it’s too big of a risk.

At Rick’s house, he’s getting ready for the graduation. Kevin tries to call him, but he doesn’t pick up. Javier runs up to Kate to tell her that Maddox is there on a one-term lease. They check the area and find Montgomery’s files. The perp also had Montgomery’s wedding album and they’re looking for someone he knew.

Kate and Javier get tackled to the ground by a guy who wants the files. He takes something and runs. Kate gives chase with her gun but he comes up behind her. She tries getting him in a chokehold, but the guy can fight. He’s got her on the ground, writhing. He picks her up and knees her in the stomach. She tries to gasp for air and asks him to tell her who’s behind this. He tells her she’s wasting her time and she has no idea who she’s up against. She says, “Neither do you.” She ends up hanging onto the ledge for dear life and he walks away.

She screams and tries to grasp the ledge. She sees the bottom of the street and starts asking for Castle. She’s slipping as she holds on with one hand. She losing her grip and Kevin comes there to save her. He grabs her arm with a group of cops and Captain Gates is there looking unhappy.

At the precinct, the Captain tells Kate and Javier to hand over their badges and guns. Kate tells the Captain to keep it and that she resigns.

At Alexis’ graduation, she is delivering her Valedictorian speech. Kate gathers up her things from the precinct and leaves it behind. Kevin tells Javier that he “had to”.

Kate walks through some heavy rain and sits on a swing and gets drenched. The episode’s title comes from the end of Alexis’ speech.

Back at Rick’s house, he’s on the phone with Alexis. He tells her to have fun and that he’s going to play the Xbox. He gets a call from Kate and he turns his phone off. He turns his computer on to all of the stuff he has on her case and deletes the file. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Kate. He asks her what she wants and she says “YOU.”

She tells him she’s so sorry and they kiss over and over. He asks what happened and she tells him the killer got away and she doesn’t care. She tells him that she could only think about him. She said she only wants him. She leads him to the other room to have sex.

Captain Montgomery’s friend “Smith” is being confronted by the killer. He wants all of the information that Smith has on the killing and after he gets it, he’s going to put Kate in the ground.


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