Castle Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 Pandora 2/13/12

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Castle Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 Pandora 2/13/12

It’s an all new episode of Castle tonight as the show prepares for a two-parter! This episode is titled Pandora and features Jennifer Beals as someone who has a past with Rick. Uh oh! Does that spell drama for our crime fighting duo?

ABC’s official synopsis:

Castle and Beckett discover the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy and they must work with a CIA agent with whom Castle has a history.

Jennifer plays CIA operative Sophia Turner, who helps out with the investigation. Sophia isn’t just any CIA agent, either. She is Rick’s old muse! You didn’t think Kate was his first and only inspiration, did you?

In a new interview, Jennifer said, “I think it certainly complicates things a bit, because it’s another person that [Kate] didn’t know about. And I think it’s probably a more important person because there was enough about this person that was interesting that he decided to put it into a character. So that might be problematic in some ways.”

Of whether or not their relationship turned romantic, Jennifer said, “You’ll get to find out.”

FYI, the second part of the two-parter is called Linchpin and it will air next Monday on ABC at 10PM EST.


The show starts off with what sounds like a fight and one guy ends up plummeting to the ground. Martha tells Rick about Alexis’ internship, but won’t reveal too much.

At the crime scene, the victim doesn’t have any ID on him. Lanie said he was shot, stabbed, choked and had a pencil jabbed into his neck. As it turns out, Alexis is interning with the medical examiner’s office and she’s at the crime scene. Kate knew about the internship.

A witness saw the suspect leaving the crime scene limping and Rick and Kate find a trail of blood. They are viewing the video of the crime scene. They trace the cab because the perp has a hostage. They find the guy as he’s eating dinner, his name is Thomas Gage. He tells them that everything they think they have on him, is all going to go away.

Thomas Gage isn’t the guy’s real name and his fingerprints aren’t in the system. Thomas told his kidnapping victim that he got the gash in his leg from killing a man. Rick and Kate walk with Lanie to the medical examiner’s office and her “John Doe” is missing. Did he vanish, as well as the body??? Kate tells Javier to lock down the precinct.

Captain Gates is questioning Javier and Kevin about how the perp left the precinct. As it turns out, he stole a uniform and walked out of the front door. Kevin tells them that Thomas got into their database. Was getting arrested part of his plan? He looked up someone named Tracy McGrath. Rick and Kate go to her house, but she’s been murdered. She took a bullet to the back of the head. She’s a scientist at a research facility. Thomas is still inside the house and has placed a black bag over Rick’s head. When Kate discovers this, Thomas puts a gun to her head and a black bag over hers, as well.

Lanie and Alexis are approaching the house and Lanie reassures her that bodies just don’t disappear. Rick and Kate have been kidnapped and are handcuffed. Sophia Turner is there and she welcomes him to the CIA.

Kevin and Javier are talking to Tracy’s co-worker. She was working on climate change. She left early yesterday and didn’t want to tell gin about it. Kate is asking Rick about who Sophia is. She’s the inspiration for Claire Strike. Thomas Gage was a Navy Seal and a former CIA agent who went rogue. He’s planning a catastrophic event that would cause harm to the U.S. The notation from Tracy’s day planner just said “Pandora”. It’s a codename for Thomas’ mission. Rick is taken by Sophia and offers his help immediately. Rick tells Kate that they are now spies.

Kate is obviously miffed that Rick and Sophia have a past. She says that she was taken aback by her research with someone else. He said they only hung out and it was brief. When she presses on about how long it was, he tells her a year.

Captain Gates, Kevin and Javier all ask Rick and Kate about what they were up to. Kate says they can’t tell her and Rick says it’s a need-to-know type of thing. They all go back to Tracy’s house to see what ties them all together. Tracy has a book on a ’67 GTO. They find it in a parking garage in New Jersey. There are handprints on the trunk and inside, a briefcase. She opens it and finds a cell phone. A guy is behind them — it’s Thomas Gage and he tells them phones and guns on the ground. Kate whips out her gun and tells him the same, but he snatches her gun and turns it on her. Apparently, they’ve been locked in the trunk of the GTO. Rick pressed the panic button on his phone before it was smashed. Rick says she should be thanking him.

Rick and Kate ended up back at the CIA where she got her gun back. They’re looking for Gage. They are trying to locate him using the latest technology. They found the pay phone that Tracy called using the cell phone. They look at video of the guy getting the call. It’s Dr. Nelson Blakely, but he was believed to be dead. He faked his own death?

The doctor was relaying chess moves during his conversation. Kate and Rick are leaving the facility and Rick suggests that they decipher the code. Kate tells Rick that it’s obvious that he’s on Sophia’s team and not hers.

Rick tells Martha that he can’t discuss the case, but he can tell her that he’s trying to work out a puzzle involving chess pieces. She tells him that the pieces may be symbolic of something else. He goes to talk to Kate about the two bishops and the pawn. He was leaving Tracy a coded message, perhaps where to meet up with him. He has deciphered the possible location of where Dr. Blakely wanted to meet with Tracy.

Rick tells Kate that she can ask anything about Sophia and she says she doesn’t want to know anything. Then, she asks how long they were together. They find Dr. Blakely and he tells them he wants to go to Pier 32. He faked his own death but his linchpin theory didn’t factor in the human factor. He said he helped figure out the catalyst for certain world events. He wrote a paper on the catalyst that would cause the end of the U.S. as we know it and the dominoes wouldn’t stop falling. Dr. Blakely noticed a flock of pigeons fleeing and said that the bad guys were already there. He gets out to run, but gets shot. Afterward, the car that Rick and Kate are in gets shoved into the lake by a black SUV.

Stay tuned!


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