America’s Got Talent Season 7 Auditions Live Recap 5/21/12

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Tonight NBC’s famous talent show “America’s Got Talent” returns with more auditions and more hilarity from the judges. Sharon, Howie, Howard and Nick are going to be seeing New York City’s finest as they all come to audition and show there specialty to the them.

For those of you knew to the show some of the best amateur performers from around the country come to compete in NYC to see who will be the next top talent of America. This evening we begin with the auditions which if the commercials so far have been a preview of what to expect, we can expect funny, amazing and just down right awesome! And after last week’s show I am sure we are going to see some bizar and crazy. America, We Want To See Your Talent! Finals will be held in Las Vegas.

Once again poor Sharon is on the hook to keep Howard sensored for family television and let’s face it Howie is not a whole lot better. She has her work cut out for her.

Join us tonight as we live recap the show and we give you an account of each of the contestants as they show America Their talent!


We begin tonight’s show with the judges entering the theater in New York. This is Howard’s backyard so this should be good.

The first group up is an acrobatic, daredevil group known as The Flight Crew and here they come. Who said white boys can’t jump? They have trampolines so that’s why they can rock the sky! They are very talented and seem to be right on the money with their acrobatics. Howard tells them they are pretty amazing. Sharon likes Mr. Big. Howie says they are not original. Howie says no, Howard says yes. Sharon says Yes! They are off to Vegas.

Next up is a man named Max and he is going to be doing acrobatics from a hoop hanging from the ceiling. It’s gets the Yes from all three! To Vegas they go.

The New York Irish Dance group. They are very talented and original. Vegas they go.

A young man named Jason comes to the stage playing the piano. He is amazing. He stuns the crowd. He gets the three yes’! He is going to Vegas!

A very young man comes to the stage and his name is Mir Money and he is 7 years old.  He is going to rap for them. He has been rappin for four years. The crowd is going crazy! He is soo cute! Howard says NO!!! Sharon gives him the big NO! Nick comes out to give Mir Money some water. Howard tells him that he is very nice young man. He tells him is very brave to get up there and he causes the poor kid to cry. The crowd Boooossssss Howard. He goes to the stage to give Mir Money a hug. He tells him that there is no need to cry! But he won’t go to Vegas. Nick carries hiim off stage. Howard is upset about making the poor kid cry. Nick is doing damage control. The vote is no! Howard felt soo horrible.

Now we see an act coming to the stage with dogs. It’s a father and son team. They are going to do some amazing tricks. Sharon loves it already. Olate Dogs is their name and dancing dogs are their game. They are soo adorable They really are amazing. One even jumps rope. They even do 360 degree flips. Standing ovation from the judges and the crowd. This was too cool. Howie is soo amazed and Sharon says it’s the best! Dad is the trainer. The dogs are mostly rescues. Howard wants them to come to his house to train his dog. He loved them. They get the vote!! All three Yes! Even Nick is floored by these dogs.

Now next up to the stage is a man named Horse. He says he is original and it’s nothing anyone has ever seen before. He take a ball kicking!! No really he takes a ball kicking!! Literally. Howard is laughing Sharon, Howie and Nick are cringing. He even has two cinder blocks busted on his crotch. And he stands up like nothing happened! Howard has Nick come out to smash this guy in the nuts. He kicks him three times and he acts all cool. Nick is like OMG! Howard loves the act. He likes the JackAss Movies and the stoogies. Sharon says absolutely amazing. Howie says he will not have a third kid. The vote is Yes by all three! He is goin to Vegas! He has been crowned the King of The Nut Shot! Nicks kicks him one more time for luck backstage.

Now to the stage is a band. It’s the a band full of kids. Not soo good. They all get the Booos and the Ax. No Vegas for them.

They have a man painted up like Kiss and a dude pretending to sing. They get buzzed by all three. No Vegas for them. The crowd booos!

Now there is a new band that has an original sound. They enter the stage and they are called The Wordspit Ellist. There is sound is actually pretty cool. Howard is getting into it. Sharon seems interested as well. They get the crowd up out of their seats and dancing and clapping along. Nice performance. Howard says it wasn’t sure at first but he says they blew the roof off the place. Sharon is happy to see this young talent. Howie says it sounded like a mix of Pink Floyd and Jay-Z. He loved it. The vote is in……. they get the all three! Vegas it is.

Burton Crane is the next man to hit the stage. He is an older gentlemen at 77. He looks great for 77. He is going to entertain everyone on stage tonight. On stage He has a white suit on. His talent is rap music. He says he has been rapping since 1972!  He is the grandfather of rap!  He plays his casio. He starts rapping the crowd is not impressed. Nick is having a blast though. Howard is cracking up! Now the crowd starts to clap along. Sharon is dying laughing. Howie is thrilled with this guy. He gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Howie stands as well. Howard tells him that he hated him at first but then he started singing with him. Howard liked it. He thinks America is going to be singing that tomorrow. Sharon asks about his songs and he tells her that he has over 100 that he has wrote. Howie is like this song will stick in your head. They all vote yes! He is going to Vegas. Nick is like stoked right now! Nick asks for an encore. He gets up there and sings and dances with Burton. They all start to sing Whatch gonna do! That was hilarious. They are all going to be singing that song all night.

The end for tonight.


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