American Idol Season 11 Premiere Live Recap 01/18/12, Auditions

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The long awaited return of American Idol is finally here! If you are like us you are ready to pee yourself waiting for some good television since the holidays always throw everything off. Tonight is the first episode of the eleventh season and we will be covering all of the action.
Will they find America’s next superstar? Or will Steven Tyler break his record for how many times he leers creepily at the girls who are competing?
All of these questions and more will be answered as we take you through our up-to-the-minute coverage of the show. We will be listing the names of the contestants that the judges send to L.A. and give some highlights as the show progresses through the night. And don’t foget we will be following the show all season long so don’t forget to get your updates here.

Could there be an American Idol winner in this weeks crowd?

Join us tonight as we fill you in on the details!

Tonight’s show starts with flashbacksof the previous seasons and contestants. They contestants are talking about how long they have been watching American Idol. The judges, Jennifer, Randy and Steven are headed to Savannah, Georgia!

The contestant list:

1) David Leathers Jr , 17 years old – Remember The Rain- By Century 21 – He has a beautiful voice. They ask him to do some Michael Jackson and he is wonderful. He is voted a YES!!!! Going To Hollywood! David is excited!

2) Gabby Carrubba, 16 years old  -Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 -  She has an amazing voice! They are impressed. They vote! She got all Thre votes! SHe is going to Hollywood!

3) Brianna  Faulk – Yes- Hollywood Week

4) Neco Star- Yes – Hollywood Week

 5) Molly Hunt- Yes – Hollywood Week

6) Elise testone – Yes -Hollywood Week

7) Jessica Whiltey, 19 years old – In the Song – She is terrible! NOT GOOD! She is voted NO! Randy’s face says it all! They won’t let her sing another one.

Ryan Seacrest has fun with people trying out for his job! He even got a look like named Shawn. He tried out perfectly!

8) Shawn Kraisman (AKA Ryan Seacrest), 26 year old -  Oh Girl- Not horrible but not an Idol voice for sure! He was voted NO! He was a good sport!

9) Shannon Magrane, 15 years old – Her family comes out to meet the judges! She has good vibe, goodvoice, and a stage personality! The vote is YES!!! Hollywood she goes! She got the golden ticket!

10) Amy Brumfield- 24 years old -  Superwoman by Alicia Keys -She lives in a tent in the woods. She is struggling financially with her boyfriend. She is impressive. They vote – All Three YES! – Hollywood will go!

11) Joshua Chavis – 23 years old – I am Yours by Jason Mraz - The vote is NO!! Not Good!  Devastated! He comes out crying. Total Hissy Fit!

12) Stephanie Renae - 15 years old – Inside Your Heaven – Carrie Underwood - Nice but needs some voice training! The vote is 1 yes, 1 no, 1 yes!!! She is in Going to Hollywood!

13) Schyler Dixon 16 years old - She brings her brother in to see them. BreakEven by the Scipt – He voice is there but she is a bit jealous of her brother. YES!

14) Colton Dixon 19 years old  – Wonderful!!! Going To Hollywood and YES!

15) Lauren Mink , 25 years old- She has an Oustanding! Not to mention pretty as Steven’s leers prove! She has a nice voice. The Vote is YES!!!! Hollywood here she comes!

16) Mowuena Ko  – Rascal Flatts – BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! Not Good! VOTE: NO!!! They go out and get some kids to argue with the judges about letting him go to Hollywood. Still a NO!

17) Ashlee Altise -28 years old – Come Together – She did well. SHe has the whole package – Vote Yes !!!!!! OFF to Hollywood!

18) W.T. Tompson - 25 years old –  Country singer – They are not sure. Jlo say yes, Steven – no, Randy- yes!! He’s going to Hollywood!! He gets the golden ticket!

19) Erica Nowak – 28 years old - She is crazy about Steven! She gets a HUG FEST!!! SHe gets a butt grab in! Superduper love! She is terrible! More Hugs for Randy!! The vote is NO!!!

20) Brittany Kerr- Spoiled  – Her voice is great and she beautiful! Looks a bit like Carrie Underwood! The Vote JLO – no, Steven – yes, Randy – yes!! Hollywood she goes!

21) Phillip Phillips – 20 years old - Stevie Wonder -He is something else! Knocking it out of the park! They are impressed! He is full of electricity! Votes are in : YES!!! He is going to Hollywood!

42 contestants are on their way to Hollywood from Georgia!

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