American Idol Season 11 Auditions In Portland, Oregon Recap 2/1/12

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American Idol Season 11 Auditions In Portland, Oregon Recap 2/1/12

Tonight, American Idol takes its auditions to Portland, Oregon, where the crew attempt to find the next star of the show. Last week, the show was auditioning folks in Aspen, Colorado as well as Houston, Texas in hopes of finding some awesome talent. In case you’ve missed the shows, you can read those recaps here and here.

After tonight’s auditions, the show will move to St. Louis, Missouri — and then it’s off to Hollywood Week! It was rumored that the show was going to make a stop in Rutherford, New Jersey, but that episode was scrapped.

Tonight, we will be providing you with all of the updates that you’re going to need for the show, as it airs! Stay tuned for our up-to-the-minute recap!


The shows starts tonight in Portland, Oregon for all new auditions! The judges are ready to maybe make Oregon History.

The first contestant is Brittany Zika startswith The Story by Brenda Carlisle.  She is beautiful! Her voice is unreal. The vote is all three YES! She has a golden ticket! Off to Hollywood!

The next contestant is Ben Purdom doing Born This Way by Lady Gaga, and he is just totally gross. He has a cold and he has no problem showing off his snot! Eeewww. He is not soo good. So is snot making it to Hollywood!

 Next Contestant up after lunch is Jermaine Jones and he is tall, 6’8″, Super Star is the song he is going to sing. He is has a very low voice and it’s natural! He is wonderful! He has a gift. The vote is YES on all three. Off to Hollywood!

Day 2 In the City of Roses:

The first contestant of the day is Britnee Kellogg No Good is the song. She is stunning! She has it all. The vote is all Three YES! Hollywood here she comes! Golden Ticket winner!

The next contestant is Sam Gershaman singing I am a woman. The vote is NO! The judges say you’re not ready yet. No Golden Ticket for her.

Contestant David Weed is singing Tom Sawyer by Rush! Hard song choice. Not soo good! He is not going to Hollywood! Nice try buddy!

Contestant Romeo Diahn is from Liberia. His family came to America for a better life. The vote Is Yes!! He is going to Hollywood! By a string but he made it in.

The next one up is Naomi Gillies singing Crying by Aerosmith. She does well but maybe needs a bit of fine tuning. She is going to Hollywood!  A lot of turn downs!

Ben Harrison, 28, singing Somebody To Love by Queen is next up and he has a baby face and a clown for sure. This kid is hilarious! The votes comes in and he didn’t make it! It’s all good! He has a baby face.

Her we are back again for the last contestant of the day, Jessica Phillips singing Again by Faith Havens.  Her story is compelling about her boyfriend having a massive stroke last year. She takes care of him constantly and loves him. Her voice is wonderful and her heart is in it. The vote is YES! All three! She is going to Hollywood! They made her day!

45 contestants are going to Hollywood!

This is the end of auditions in Portland.  Next up is St. Louis!



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