American Idol Recap: Top 13 Performances 3/7/12

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American Idol Recap: Top 13 Performances 3/7/12

Tonight is an all new episode of American Idol! On this particular episode, we’ll get to hear the top 13 performers sing for their supper.

On tonight’s show, we will hear the top seven guys sing some Stevie Wonder hits, while the top six ladies belt out some Whitney Houston tunes in tribute to the late singer.

In case you’ve missed last week’s show, you can read our full recap here. Last week, we saw the competition whittled down from 24 to 12 — with a surprise addition to the performers, in that of Jermaine Jones, the “gentle giant”. So who’s got what it takes to be the next American Idol?

Stay tuned, we will be covering the show with our live recap at 8PM EST when the show airs! Check out our up-to-the-minute coverage right here.


It’s the guys versus the girls tonight on the 400th episode of American Idol. On tomorrow night’s show, they will pit the bottom guy against the bottom girl and the judges will make the decision as far as who stays and who goes.

Tonight’s mentor is Mary J. Blige. Joshua Ledet is up first, doing his version of I Wish. It sounds a bit strained and not really his style of song. Randy said he “wore it out”. He loved his gospel voice and he came out rockin’. Jennifer said she loved that she felt his performance and the music. Steven said he has the snap and he nailed it.

Up next is Elise Testone doing I’m Your Baby Tonight. This song is definitely not her style, but she’s doing the best she can with it. Jennifer said she wanted to make the song her own. She said Elise has an amazing voice, but this wasn’t her best. Steven said her voice has so much character, but it was good — and something was missing. Randy said that she was boxing with the song. He said it wasn’t her best, but she’s got amazing potential and talent.

Jermaine Jones is singing next, doing Knock Me Off My Feet. Great song choice! Steven said the song fits him like an Armani suit and he can’t wait to hear what he has in store for them. Jennifer said he’s so adorable and she wants to see him connect with the song more. Randy said he’s happy they brought him back and the song was spot on with the verses. He said Jermaine changed the melody in the chorus and he just needs to relax and not force it.

Erika Van Pelt is singing I Believe In You And Me. Good song choice and I really liked how she made the song her own. She wasn’t trying to be Whitney so that was good for her. Randy said he got goosebumps from her rehearsals and her tone is unbelievable. She let herself go and it was unbelievable and she sold him. Jennifer was feeling the same thing and her voice made the song come alive. Steven said she has a beautiful, fantastic voice and she put herself into it. It was perfect and he thinks she’s great.

Up next is Colton Dixon, performing Lately. He toned down his inner rock star for this song and he pulled it off. This song was very impressive in everything that he did with it. Steven called it outstanding and well done. Jennifer said he was the most challenged tonight, but it was amazing and great. Randy said it wasn’t picture perfect and there were some notes that were flat. It started shaky but in the last eight bars, it was flawless.

Shannon Magrane is singing I Have Nothing next. Shannon really has a powerful voice, but I’m not sold on this being the best song for her. Jennifer said the thinking got the best of her. She said Shannon needs to relax into it and there’s nothing in that song that she can’t do. Steven said her nerves got the best of her and it’s a huge song. She crashed and burned in the turn-around. Randy said they know she can really sing and her nerves got the best of her tonight.

DeAndre Brackensick is up next, singing Master Blaster. I’m not really feeling his version of the song. He’s pretty, but his voice stinks. Sorry, I didn’t like it. Steven said he took over the stage and he loves it. He’s got some thing going on and he liked it again tonight. Jennifer said he’s got rhythm and soul and she loved what he did with the song. Randy said he came out tonight and was in perfect rhythm and they didn’t want it to stop.

Skylar Laine is singing Where Do Broken Hearts Go next. It’s mini-Reba bringing country to Whitney. Jennifer said she was the definition of composure. She said parts of it got nasally, but she kept it together and she gave them their biggest moment of the night. Steven said that was a thing of beauty and well done. He called it fantastic. Randy said the front of the song was a bit iffy. He said she proved that she could sing any song and that was hot.

Up next is Heejun Han singing All In Love Is Fair. I’m underwhelmed by this performance. Heejun’s voice is nice and soft, but it’s too mellow. Jennifer loved him. Steven said it was fantastic and he loves his voice. Randy said it wasn’t perfect but it was really good.

Hollie Cavanagh is singing All The Man I Need next. Meh. Not a great song choice for her. Not everyone can or should do Whitney. Randy said it was a big song and she nailed it. Jennifer said she’s hoping for a sing-off in the finals this season. Steven said she nailed it and it was really nice.

Jeremy Rosado is up next singing Ribbon In The Sky. Not feelin’ it at all. Sorry J-Lo, but there was a reason why this guy wasn’t picked by America. Steven said he knows he can do it. Jennifer said the song was really really beautiful. Randy said it wasn’t his best performance and he needed to put more swag in it to make it believable.

Singing next is Jessica Sanchez, doing I Will Always Love You. She seemingly nailed it in rehearsal, but didn’t really bring it when on stage. Randy said YO, Jessica Sanchez is legit. It’s one of the hardest songs in the world to sing and she’s one of the best singers in the competition. Jennifer said it was just amazing and she’s speechless. She said Jessica was even surprised at herself and it was beautiful. Steven said she may be the one and she made 40 million people cry.

Phillip Phillips is going last, singing Superstition. This is hands down the best performance of the night. You can tell that he’s really feeling the music. Steven said there are no words for it, he just is. Jennifer said he took it and he made it his own and he killed it. Randy said Jimmy is right and they need him in this competition. He loves what Phillip does and he likes to hear how he re-interprets all of the songs.

Who was your favorite performer of the night? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!


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  1. My favorite was Shannon, she is pretty and sings well. I agree with you about Dendre, his voice stinks!

    Comment by Chris Parascandola — 03/08/2012 @ 11:18 pm

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