American Idol Recap: The Top 7 Perform 4/11/12

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American Idol Recap: The Top 7 Perform 4/11/12

Tonight is an all new episode of Fox’s hit show American Idol and we will get to see the top seven competitors take on modern songs from this decade. Last week, we saw the departure of DeAndre Brackensick, after being put in the bottom two alongside Elise Testone. After performing for the judges in a last ditch effort to get them to use their only save for the season, it was determined that DeAndre would be sent on his way. Jennifer Lopez joked that she can’t save him with just one vote. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full episode recap here.

Nigel Lythgoe has already spoiled some of the song choices tonight on his official Twitter page. He tweeted the news that a Gotye song would be a song choice for a duet this week. In addition, he commented that they would be doing two tracks from former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

Tonight’s mentor is Akon, so it’s possible that we’ll be hearing one of his tracks. I hope that the two Kelly Clarkson songs are Since U Been Gone and Because Of You.

What modern tracks would you like to see the remaining Idol hopefuls take on tonight? Also, here’s a list of who’s left in the competition:

Joshua Ledet
Phillip Phillips
Elise Testone
Hollie Cavanagh
Jessica Sanchez
Colton Dixon
Skylar Laine

Stay with us, as we will be live-blogging the show with all of the latest updates. Refresh this page often as we update a lot. Stay tuned for our live recap of the show, which all goes down at 8PM EST! Who are YOU rooting for, America?


This evenings show begins with a flash back of how the rest of the 7 handled DeAndrea’s departure from the show. They also show some videos of people showing their support for each of the seven contestants.

The top seven come out on stage to a standing ovation from the crowd. Tommy Hilfiger meets with them at the Idol Mansion to help with clothing picks for this week. The theme for tonight is music from 2010 to present time. Akon and Jimmy will be helping the contestants get prepared.

Skylar Laine is going to be up first and she wants to do “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” by Kellie Pickler. Akon and Jimmy are impressed by her voice and how well she owned that song. On  stage she enters with her guitar and open fire flames as props. She seems to be singing well tonight and this song was definitely made for her. She really connected with the audience. Randy thought that she did awesome and that she felt her true self! It was crazy good! Jennifer thought it was pitch perfect. She nailed it all the way. Steven tells her that she was great! It’s up to America now!

Colton Dixon is up next and he will singing “Love The Way You Lie” by Skylar Grey. Akon and Jimmy are trying to push Colton to move to the next level. This is a real challenge for him this week. On stage he plays a grand white piano, smoke covering the floor and a small orchestra to set it off. He has a very intersting take on this song. He has a great voice. Jennifer asks how he feels about this song. He says great! She tells him he should. He made this song his own. Steven loves his jacket and he tell him that he is a rate talent. He could have recorded that right here and now. Randy is crazy about the jacket too, but he loved that this was a subtle performance and showed his sensitive side. Very Hot!! America has to vote to save Colton!

Elise and Phillip will team up next for a duet! Stay tuned! They come to the stage “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye. Elise picked this tune. On stage Phillip kicks it off low key. Together they are a slam hit out of the park! Steven loves this song and he thought they nailed it. He thinks they should sing together more often. Jennifer loved the feel of the song and what they brought to it. Randy tells them he agrees but Elise did this song better than Phillip on this because he didn’t get as much sing time as she did.

Jessica Sanchez will hit the stage next singing “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan. Akon and Jimmy say she sings so unreal! Her voice is something else. They both believe in her! With the right song, there is no stopping her! On stage she is joined by a piano player on a grand white piano. She is perched upon the piano singing her heart out. She really takes the song to a whole new level. Standing Ovation from the audience. Randy starts the comments with loving the arrangement of the song. She really showed them what her talent level was. Amazing job! Jennifer tells her that it was really beautiful! She needs to take the judges and the crowd on a adventure ride. Steven tells her that he forgets where he is when she starts singing.

Joshua Ledet will take the stage next and he is going to sing “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. Jimmy and Akon want him to make the song more dynamic. He needs to do his thing. He is very soulful according to Akon. On stage he goes very old school in dress with a white jacket, red shirt and black pants. This is a very fast song for him. He really hits this one out of the park! Nice job Josh! Great song pick. Steven tells him he sold this song totally. Steven is too busy trying to pick up chicks for Josh. Jennifer said he has so much control of his voice. She really loved it. Randy is speechless. He looks great and sounded awesome! He really wants this American Idol! Joshua’s father comes up to give Josh a hug on stage.

Colton and Skylar team up for a love song duet next. They will be singing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. This is a slow love song from the country world. They really connect with each other and the audience with this song. They did this one perfectly! Steven tell them that was beautiful. The harmonys were dead on. Jennifer tells them they did a really nice job with this song. Randy tells them he thought it was OK for him. He wasn’t that in to it. He thought it could have been better.

Hollie Cavanagh will come to the stage this week singing “Perfect” by Pink. Akon and Jimmy tell Hollie that she did well with the last note of the song but she is missing a certain type of experience. She needs to turn the gas up and understand the natural sense of a song and how it connects with people listening to it. On stage she is wearing a white dress with an acoustic guitar player sitting on two stools. She slowed song down quit a bit to make it her own. A little pitchy through out the song but she ended it on a high note! Jennifer tells her that she could see that she is fighting for it tonight. She did well. Steven tells her it’s not about being perfect. He didn’t really like it at all. Randy tells her that it wasn’t perfect but better than last week. She needed a little more feeling. America needs to vote to keep her in.

Phil Phillips is going to be on stage next singing an acoustic version of “Give a Little More”by Maroon 5. Akon and Jimmy tell him that it’s not exciting enough. He needs to be more captivating. He has to get the emotion out there to win it. On Stage he looks great and he starts off beautifully. This version is slowed down a lot but I like it and the crowd seems to like it to. He picks the pace up in the song as it goes along. He has a saxophone player there on stage with him. It’s a hot song. Steven feels he is hitting the lines and he has evolved. Jennifer feels it was a little underwelming for her. She thinks he could have been better.  Randy agrees with Jennifer. He didn’t feel it was a WOW moment of a song. America, vote for my favorite contestant!

Hollie, Jessica and Joshua will be up next for a group song. They will be singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”. On stage Joshua takes it away first on stage. Jessica follows up with the next verse and Hollie comes out with the third verse. I have to admit I don’t like it. It just doesn’t sound good at all. They are really off key. They tell them it was beautiful performance. I guess it depends on your taste. The judges must have forgotten to take out their ear plugs.

Elise Testone is the last one to get on stage and she will be singing “You and I” by Lady Gaga! Elise is dressed very Gaga! Akon and Jimmy shoot down her first idea of starting off with playing the drums. They tell her she needs to focus on the singing. They think she needs to kill it if she wants to stay in the game. On Stage she comes out playing a black grand piano. As she heads through the song she gets up and leaves the piano. I have to admit the high notes fell short. Randy starts off the comments saying that Elise is back. He thought it was a perfect song for her. Jennifer loved it too. She let go but kept her control. Steven took an easy, simple song and made it great. America, get out there and vote to keep Elise.

Joins us tomorrow for the results show and see who will be eliminated.


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