American Idol Recap: Season 11 Episode 2 Auditions 1/19/12

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American Idol Recap: Season 11 Episode 2 Auditions 1/19/12

Tonight are the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania auditions of the eleventh season of American Idol. We will be bringing all of the action to you live, as the show airs. In case you’ve missed last night’s auditions in Savannah, Georgia, you can read our official recap here!

How many times will Steven Tyler leer at the girls auditioning? How far will Randy Jackson take his usage of the word “dude” over “dawg”? We’ll be watching the show with you, so stay tuned and keep refreshing for our up-to-the-minute coverage of the show — at 8PM EST!


The show is heading to Pittsburgh for the first time in eleven seasons! Up first, is Heejun Han singing Michael Bolton’s How Am I Supposed To Live Without You. Not too bad! A little flat. JAZZ HANDS. He’s off too Hollywood!

Up next is Reed Grimm doing a song called Family Man. He had a lot of fun with that one. He’s going to Hollywood! Aaronn Marcellus is up next and he’s getting his golden ticket, along with Chase Likens and a bunch of other hopefuls.

Up next is Samantha Novacek, singing, while her sister Patricia Bell, planks her to Hollywood. She’s good. (The singer AND the planker, of course). She’s through to Hollywood!

Singing next is Creighton Parker, singing his own original song, which he wrote on the bus ride into Pittsburgh from New York. After that, he sang Who’s Loving You by the Jackson 5. He’s going through to Hollywood.

Eben Franckiewitz is up next, singing Ain’t No Sunshine and this kid is phenomenal! He’s going through to Hollywood! He’s so talented! A Justin Bieber lookalike? Meh.

Next up on the chopping block is Travis Orlando, going for his second time auditioning. He’s singing Isn’t She Lovely and he’s alright…so so. He’s got a tear-jerking story because of his mother walking out on him and his father. He’s going through to Hollywood.

Erika Van Pelt is singing next, doing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Carole King. She’s pretty good! She got through!

Shane Bruce is up after the awkward “Steven Tyler has a red sound effects box” montage where a slew of chicks got through without the infamous leering. He’s singing Hallelujah and it’s a bit flat. Jennifer wasn’t impressed with his song choice. Prior to this, he sang In The Still Of The Night and was phenomenal.

Hallie Day is singing next after being in a girl group in New York and hitting rock bottom with a suicide attempt. She is singing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. And the leerfest begins! Ha. She got through!

What did you think of tonight’s episode??? Tell us in the comments!

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