“Vampire Diaries” Tonight!

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“Vampire Diaries” returns this week with a twist of Isobel, Mia Kirshner, returning to Mystic Falls to supposedly help her daughter Elena, Nina Dobrev, fight off the evil Klaus, Joseph Morgan. Klaus is after Elena because she is the dopppelganger who can be scaraficed in order to break the curse on the vampires. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see those two hot brothers Damon, Ian Somerhalder, and Stefan, Paul Wesley!

EW reports:

Tonight we find out if Katherine, John, and Isobel, who just returned to Mystic Falls, are actually all on the same side soon. “Isobel made it pretty clear to Elena when she was in town last time that she didn’t really give a damn about her own daughter, and yet, we caught a glimpse of moments between she and John where we as an audience were led to believe otherwise. So this episode is really all about trying to set the stage for what side she’s on, if she in fact can be trusted, if there’s any element of her that’s capable of caring about Elena, and why she, John, and Katherine, seem to have a behind-the-scenes arrangement cooked up that we have not been privy to yet.”

Many more surprise in store so for more fun details watch tonights episode or check out EW’s spoiler!

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