Two And A Half Men Recap Season 9 Episode 12 ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’

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Two And A Half Men Recap Season 9 Episode 12 ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’

Tonight is an all new episode of the show, Two And A Half Men, starring Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. This marks the ninth season’s twelfth episode, titled, One False Move, Zimbabwe!

On tonight’s show, Walden introduces everyone to his mother, Robin, played by Mimi Rogers. I guess that’s one woman he didn’t want his girlfriend to meet?


Tonight’s show opens with Walden in bed with Zoey. He’s trying to wake her up with a gift, but it didn’t work. So, he stuck his head under the blankets and wakes her up. She smiled and woke up to a gift of a key to his house. She says it’s premature, but it’s a sweet gesture.

She runs off to the bathroom so that she can get ready to pick up her parents from the airport. As she leaves, she tosses the key back at him.

Walden is decorating the tree and Berta gets a kiss from him. She tells him that they make belt buckles with mistletoe on them. She gave him one in his stocking. He gives her another kiss on the cheek and some money for her bonus.

Alan is talking to his mother, trying to get her to come over for Christmas. Walden is also talking to his mother, who wants to meet his girlfriend. Jake is lying to everyone about where he is for Christmas.

Alan is missing Christmas with Charlie. Walden tells Alan that he and his mother are the same age. He thinks Alan is sixty. Walden introduces them to each other and Alan obviously takes a liking to her. Afterward, they’re having dinner and she thinks Alan is the “woman” he didn’t want her to meet. She calls it a strange setup. Walden tells her that Alan helped him through his breakup with Bridget and then he needed a place to stay.

She tells Alan that she has a gorilla sanctuary in Temecula. Walden said that he remembered the toy gorilla, Magilla, that he had as a boy. She tells them that Magilla was real and lived with them for the first four years of his life. She shows them pictures on her laptop. She had to send Magilla back to the jungle because he was getting too big. He said he spent his childhood thinking that he would get sent back to the jungle like Magilla….He said, “One false move, Zimbabwe!” He leaves the room and Alan asks her if she’s seeing anyone.

Robin tells Alan that she had no idea that Walden suppressed all of those memories. She said her son is smarter than a gorilla. Walden goes to see Zoey and tells her that his brother is a gorilla and his mother sent him away. She says that it’s not a good time. Her parents are there and they say hello to them. He’s drunk. He asks her mother if she would raise her daughter with a gorilla for the benefit of science?

Walden tells her that his entire life is a lie. He said that he’s afraid that if he doesn’t give her multiple orgasms, that she’ll banish him to Africa. Back at the house, Robin is trying to reach Walden, but he’s not answering. Zoey calls Alan looking for Walden. He climbed on top of the roof of her place.

At Zoey’s place, Alan climbs up on the roof to talk to Walden. He said he has never forgiven his mother and he has accomplished great things. He’s still mad that his mother sent the gorilla away. Alan tells him that he’s not the only one who has lost a brother. The LAPD turn their searchlights on Walden and Alan.

Back on the ground, Robin meets Zoey and her parents. They call Walden charming, but say he thinks he’s the brother of a monkey. Jake is there with his friend, eating pizza. They leave to get some frozen yogurt.

Robin, Walden and Alan all go to the gorilla sanctuary so that he can see Magilla. Alan hits on Walden’s mother and she refuses his advances. Walden goes up to him and he’s huge now. He remembers Walden. They hug. Outside, Robin is carrying a taser and says that he’s a 400 pound gorilla and it could’ve gone either way.

Walden and Magilla play around, and he tickles Walden.

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