Sandra Bullock Is Still Not Ready To Date!

by on December 17, 2011 | Comments Off

Why won’t this raging beauty be ringing in the new year with a new man? Because the lovely Sandra Bullock, 47, is just not ready yet for dating. After that piece of crap husband of hers,Jesse James, crapped all over her by cheating on her and it was leaked to the press just before they released the news of adopting Louis who is now 23 months old.

A source close to Sandra states that her friends try to get her to go out but all she really wants to do is stay home and watch movies and spend time with Louis. Right now she feels it’s more important to spend as much time as she can with Louis and we are told that she is going to be spending time getting fit with a new regimen.

I am sure when she is ready she will have no problems at all snagging a wonderful man that will actually be good to her and treat her with the respect that she deserves. So for now, let’s just let her be a mom! That’s exciting enough!

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