Matt Damon Ready To Kiss Michael Douglas

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Matt Damon Ready To Kiss Michael Douglas

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are set to share some sexy smooches in their upcoming movie based on the life of gay pianist Liberace. Michael plays Liberace, while Matt plays his lover — and they’re both looking forward to the kissing scenes. How funny.

Matt said, “It’s scripted that there’s more than one. I never thought I would get to kiss Michael Douglas!”

Michael was equally as enthused about the scenes, saying, “I’m just going to get really comfortable so it’s not a caricature. Matt Damon’s going to be my younger lover. God bless Matt. I saw Matt and I was teasing him. I was saying, ‘Bring a lot of Chapstick, babe.’”

I can’t wait to see this one. Anything that Michael Douglas is in, is just plain awesome….and you know it’s true. I see you nodding over there, you don’t have to admit it.

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