Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant?

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Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston stories must be a really good sell for the tabloids, because they are continually making stuff up about this poor woman. She’s been pregnant, adopting and getting married so many times that we’ve actually lost count.

OK! magazine claims they have proof in photos that Jen is really pregnant. She’s said to be showing off bigger boobs, that “telltale bump” and a “curvier booty”.

We can attribute the bigger boobs to a possible boob job and her “bump” could be that she had a big lunch. What about that curvier booty? Is that their way of saying that Jennifer has gained weight? Because God forbid someone’s weight fluctuates a bit, the magazines will kick off the rumor mill at your expense.

We’re guessing that OK! is wrong, as usual. We highly doubt that she would give confirmation of pregnancy to a tabloid, unless it’s People magazine, because they still have a shred of dignity in reporting the truth.

What do you think?

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