Edward Furlong Is Broke!

by on January 12, 2011 | Comments Off

Because Eddie Furlong is flat busted in the money department, I’m not even going to go into how kind time hasn’t been to him over the years.

Even though we were sure that he had made a metric ton of money from his role in Terminator, he is insisting that he has no cashola. Wow, that sucks. Especially if you take into consideration that he’s also in the new movie, The Green Hornet. I guess those movie jobs aren’t that lucrative anymore?

TMZ reports:

Ed, who is one month behind in child support, said he has to pay 10% to his lawyer, 10% to his publicist and, 10% to his business manager, and it all just dwindles away.

Ed, who appeared without a lawyer, says the judge never took these expenses into account when ordering the child support payments. His ex, Rachael Kneeland, wants child support and spousal support increased.

The judge didn’t decide whether to modify the support agreement. And the judge didn’t handle the alleged restraining order violation. As TMZ first reported, Furlong was taken into custody yesterday, after allegedly violating a restraining order by getting too close to Kneeland.

Maybe he should consider investing in an accountant?

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