Charlie Sheen Is Ashamed Of His Detroit Show

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Charlie Sheen Is Ashamed Of His Detroit Show

In case you’ve missed it, Charlie Sheen really bombed on his first Violent Torpedo Of Truth show. Now, we’re hearing that he is saying that he was ashamed of his “experiment”.

He says that he is adamant that his tour appearances are a “learning process” and that he will continue working on his material until he finds the winning formula.

He said, “I just got back to basics. Gotta go with what got you to the dance and give the people what they want. On the bus someone said, ‘You know, we could just keep driving to L.A.’ I said, ‘F**k that. That’s what losers do. I won.’”

He told another source, “A couple of things we have to adjust, but we’re excited. After that Detroit thing, we should be ashamed. It’s a learning process.”

Are you going to see Charlie Sheen live???

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