Castle Season 4 Episode 10 ‘Cuffed’ Live Recap 12/5/11

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Castle Season 4 Episode 10 'Cuffed' Live Recap 12/5/11

Tonight on ABC is an all new episode of Castle, titled Cuffed! This is the episode we’ve been waiting for, as Rick and Kate find themselves cuffed together without any idea of how it came to be.

The official synopsis:

When Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there, they must piece together the mystery of where they are and why, all while trying to escape. But as the two of them adjust to being shackled together, what’s the biggest threat they face… the people who abducted them or each other? Meanwhile, Ryan, Esposito and Gates are left to investigate their disappearance in a case where all is not what it seems.


The show opens with Kate laying on the ground next to Rick, smiling. But then she comes to and realizes that they are cuffed together. He tells her not to get up and just to lay in bed. He calls it kinky. He said it looks like police cuffs. They get up to find that they’re in a dark room. Her watch, badge and gun are missing.

He doesn’t remember anything and they think they’ve been drugged. She has a needle mark on her back. They remember going to see a dead body last. They interrupt Esposito arguing with the medical examiner, and they see the victim. He has a needle mark on his back. Esposito says it’s definitely a murder and the guy’s fingerprints have been burned off. He registered at the hotel under the name Jack Sparrow.

She tells Esposito to have Ryan run his photo in the missing person’s database for a match. Rick and Kate are still trying to figure out why they’re there. Kate tells Rick that there wasn’t a match in the database. Rick remembers going to the morgue with Kate. The victim had a job that required physical labor, as he has callouses.

They pull an address out of his pocket and investigate that. Kate suggests that it could’ve been a mob hit. Rick tells her that the note has a postal bar code on it. Afterward, they called the Post Office and find the address and go there. They go in and the house appears vacant, but the door is unlocked.

They hear a noise and she pulls her gun. They hear someone calling out for help. It’s a woman in a cage. The woman smiles at them and they black out. That’s the last thing that they remember.

Esposito and Ryan are talking about Ryan’s wedding and their “pre-wedding” road trip. Captain Gates comes in looking for Kate. Esposito tells her that she’s probably investigating a lead.

Back in the dark room, Kate and Rick are bickering about their situation. He asks why she has to always be first. She says being first through the door is her job. She tells him to lead and he asks where she wants to go. She tells him to go toward the light switch. The door is sealed and they find a freezer in the back. He asks if she’s got a bobby pin…she says they’re stuck.

They find a hatch in the ceiling and say that they might be able to reach it if they stand on the freezer.

Esposito tells Ryan to run a trace on Kate because he wants to know where she and Rick are. Meanwhile, Rick and Kate are trying to move the freezer. It’s heavy and he suggests they open it. She says she’s all out of bolt-cutters. It’s a combination safe and Rick is going to crack it.

Esposito and Ryan find Kate’s car and it looks like it’s been dumped. They’re viewing footage of Kate’s car arriving there, but it’s not Kate getting out of her car. Captain Gates wants to know where they are and what Rick got her into.

In the room, Rick is trying to crack the lock. Lanie is trying to find out what happened to the victim, as he’s had some heart damage. Ryan tells her to try and recover his prints. Castle guesses the combo to the lock and Kate asks how bad can it be? It’s not a body, it’s a trunk full of knives.

Esposito is busy looking over Lanie’s shoulder as she examines the fingerprints. She tears one of the prints. Ryan runs the prints that Lanie puts together and their victim is Hank Spooner. Gates tells them to look for Spooner’s truck. Chuck Martinez comes in and says that they were looking for him. He’s with the DEA. Martinez thought that Spooner was running drugs from Mexico. They set up a sting, but Spooner didn’t run — he wanted to meet. He agreed to tell the DEA everything, but ended up dead.

Gates gets a tip and they swarm upon a truck with air holes in it and blood splattered. Back in the room, Kate wants to climb on Rick’s shoulders. He gives her a leg up and she’s trying to balance herself on him. She gets down and tries again from behind. She’s up there and pushes the hatch open and finds a burly guy staring back at her. She falls on Rick and on the bed.

Back at the station, Gates, Esposito and Ryan are talking about Spooner. Ryan notices the postal code on the bottom of the envelope and they investigate a house. There’s a hatch, but there’s just tipped over chairs inside.

Back in the room, Rick and Kate are overhearing a conversation in Arabic. Rick discovers that they’re involved in human trafficking. Kate overhears that they’re holding someone else.

The detectives are investigating the abandoned house. Ryan tells Esposito that a neighbor saw a semi pulling up to that place. Kate tells Rick that she can hear someone breathing. They start digging at the wall.

Ryan and Esposito find that the perps are working off of a bank foreclosure list to store people. Kate is trying to use the heel of her shoe to break through the wall. They’re working together to break through. Rick sticks his head in the hole to find a tiger staring at him. Uh oh!

The perps are actually smuggling tigers and they stumbled upon their operation. Rick tosses some food at the tiger and it starts clawing at the hole. They start pushing the trunk toward the hole.

Gates, Esposito and Ryan are narrowing the list of potential properties where Rick and Kate are, to eleven.

The tiger is getting through the hole and Rick tells Kate to get behind her. They turn the trunk/freezer on its end and get on top of it. The tiger can’t reach them. They start yelling and Ryan and Esposito hear them and go into the house. They get confronted by an old lady with a gun, telling them to drop their guns or she’ll blow them both away.

Two more guys point guns at Ryan and Esposito and the old lady tells them that they’re going to back on out of there and they can save their friends or die trying to stop them. They leave and Ryan and Esposito go to save Rick and Kate. They open the hatch to find that they are hanging from the rafters.

The rest of the cops circle around the mom and her hillbilly sons. They were supplying endangered tigers and making millions from a breeding farm.

Rick tells Kate that if he ever has to be “hitched” to anyone again, he’d rather it be her. He then corrects himself and says “cuffed”. She tells him that “next time”, they should do that without the tiger. NEXT TIME!


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