Bristol Palin, Proof that Reality Shows are Fake

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Bristol Palin, Proof that Reality Shows are Fake
New development in my Disney world domination theory. Bristol Palin is getting set to start a reality show. Bristol is famous more of who her mommy is,(for those of you who don’t keep up on this, her mom is Sarah Palin, the gun toting side show of the Republican Party, and an example parent.) aside from her own merit. She herself is known for getting knocked up as a teenager, making a quarter million dollars for being the spokeswoman for teen abstinence, (no folks, I can’t make this stuff up). And recently for magically changing her face from fugly to becoming a dark haired clone of a younger fatter Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from the show Friends). Now she and Kyle Massey (another fine product of the Disney Corporation), her partner for last season of Dancing with the Stars, are getting together to make a reality show. It is unclear what the show will be about, but I am certain that it will probably do well for a show or two, and once the public realizes that Bristol in doses of more than 5 minutes can be more annoying as “the song that never ends”.

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