American Horror Story Spoiler Alert! Season 1, Episode 4 ‘ Halloween Part 1′ 10/27/11

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Here we are just days away from Halloween and “American Horror Story” is getting ready for Trick-or-Treat! I know you have all been waiting for a sneak preview of this weeks fourth episode so I couldn’t help but answer your prayers!

Some religious folk say that the line between the dead and living is at it’s most thinnest on Halloween night. It appears that the Harmon’s get a visit from the house’s former ghostly owners and they are hyped up about Halloween and share some fun decorating advice with them.

While Ben is still hiding the secret of his pregnant lover Hayden being shovel slammed to death in the face by Larry Harvey; Larry has a little blackmail money in mind. Or is it really that Larry is trying to keep Ben from doing anything horrible so that the house won’t consume him? Or is he just looking for a way to clean out Ben’s pockets?
Will Ben finally give in to the maid, Moira, and the ache in his groin?
Will Constance make another attempt to kill Violet?
Will Adalade be driven crazy in the room of mirrors?
Will Vivian continue to be happy about her child and being stuck in that house?
Will Tate do something crazy to or with Violet?

I guess time will tell, not to mention seeing some sneak previews! In the mean time let us know what you think is going to happen next! And don’t forget to stay tuned on Thursday for the live recap of the show.

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