American Horror Story Recap Episode 2

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Episode two of the new thriller flick “American Horror Story” on Fx is back on tonight for another hour of creepy ghostly head scratchers. This weeks episode brings Vivian and Violet into a dangerous situation oddly familiar of a past event. Ben decides to head back home to Boston to fix a mistake.

Last week Ben Harmon, played by Dylin McDermott, is a psychologist that moves his family, wife Vivian Harmon, played by Connie Britton, and daughter Violet Harmon, played by Taissa Farmiga to the westcoast to escape a troubled past. They think they have found a diamond in the rough when they buy a house that is huge and half the price of most of the houses in the neighborhood. What they didn’t know was that the previous residents have not spiritual left the house. After moving in they meet  a few strange characters. The odd maid who claims to have been the maid of the house for years, Moira, played by Jessica Lange and Alexandra Breckenridge, more or less sells herself to Vivian in order to be hired on. What Vivian didn’t know is that Moira has a dark side to her personality, literally.

Constance, played by Jessica Lange, shows up in the Harmons home uninvited with her developmentally disabled daughter, Adelade. Adelade has a sick fascination with the house and it’s invisible inhabitants. Constance seems to have more to do with the strange happenings going on in the house than meets the eye.

Ben’s first patient is a young teen, Tate, played by Evan Peters, that is has some serious mental issues that he is having trouble controlling. Unfortunately Ben’s teen daughter is curious about Tate and makes friends with him.

Ben realizes that he is being spied on by a strange deformed man and attempts to make contact with this gentlemen to find out why he is watching his family. While out for a run the man follows him and Ben manages to trick him in order to find out what he is up to. Larry Harvey, played by Denis O’ Hare, is the stranger with terrible burns covering 70% of his body. He tries to warn Ben that he must get his family out of that house before it’s too late. But Ben doesn’t listen……

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Tonights episode starts in the past with a group of girls walking down the stairs at the house in 1968. The girls are on the way to the Doors concert. Two girls are left behind. A knock at the door proves to be interesting. A man standing at the door with blood on his head states he is injured and needs help. The girls realize that he is not hurt he is evil and wants to rape the young girl. He makes her put on a nurses uniform that the other girl was wearing from work. He tells her to strip her clothes off and put on the nurse outfit. He ties her up on the couch and sits in the chair. The girl prays to God to save her. He blundgons her to death.

Now in the present Ben is in thearpy with Tate. Tates tells Ben he thinks about sex with his daughter a lot. Tate is a sick young man. Tates brings up Ben’s affair and Ben ends the sesssion. Ben gets a call from the woman he had an affair with and she drops a bomb on him. She is pregnant! Nice! Now his wife and his ex-play toy are knocked up.

Violet hangs out at the skaters hangout with her highschool bully she scared at her house. They are talking about the thing that attached her. She is trying to cover the scar from the scratches to her face. She is in fear of the devil.

Violet is alseep in her room when Tate shows up and is standing in her room in the middle of the night. The alarm goes off and wakes Vivian and Ben. He runs downstairs to see who broke in. Adelade is back in the house again in he basement. Vivan is freaking out about the preganancy. She tells Ben she is worried. Ben feels it will be ok and she is only worried becuase of the miscarriage.

Ben has a new patient. Female woman with terrible dreams. She asks Ben, “How does it feel to live in the murder house”? She is more interested in the house and it’s history than her nightmares. Ben calls Tate’s mother and lets her know he can not see Tate any more.

Constance and Adelade are baking cupcakes for the Harmon’s and she poisoned them.

Ben is out for another run and runs into Larry again. Larry is still trying to convince Ben that the house is evil and he needs to move out and get his family to safety. Ben tells him about his infidelity.

Ben springs the news of having to go to Boston to Vivian. She belives his lies even though he is going there for his ex-play toy and to take care of the baby issue with her.

Constance brings over the cupcakes to Vivian and says that they are for Violet. Vivian confides in Constance about the baby and her worries that the baby must have  something wrong with it. Ben comes down with his bag to depart for Boston. He says good-bye to Vivian.

Violet is in her room and Vivian knocks at the door with cupcakes at hand for her. Violet is upset that Vivian is pregnant and hadn’t told her about it. Vivian is upset because she wanted to have a girls night with Violet. Violet tell her how she really feels.

Ben is in Boston with his student he had an affair with. She has decided to have an abortion. Which makes Ben’s life a little easier. The girl is in love with him.

Vivian in bed and the door bell goes off. A woman at the door tells Vivian that she is hurt and she needs to come in the house. Vivian refuses to let her in. She tells Violet to go to her room and lock the door and call 911. She goes back to the door because the woman is banging on it again. She doesn’t realize that someone is already in the house…..

The house intruders are teens and once of them is Ben’s patient. They want Vivian and Violet to re-enact the murder scene from the begining of the show. Violet manages to run and get away from them. Tate is now in the house. He chases Violet in the basement. Vivian is still tied up in the chair. Violet is in on the re-enacted murder scene.  one of the girls eats the cupcakes and gets sick bad.

Constance is having a nice evening with a young man that has a body that would knock your socks off. They begin to dance and make-out. Adelade knocks at her door and tells her about the bad man next door. Constance loses patience and locks her in a closet full of mirrors.

 Tate jumps out at the sick girl with an axe and swings right into her gut.

The boy that is with the girls in the house torturing Vivian is making her stip down and put on a nurse uniform. She starts to fight him and hit him with something from the fireplace. The other girl is dead.  The boy finds her in the basement dead on the floor. The ghosts killed the two teens.

Ben is at the clinic with his sex toy. He gets a call from a hysterical Vivian about the attack.

Ben, Vivian and Violet have the police at the house to make a report of the attack. The police advise them that they found one of the girls 6 blocks away cut in half. Ben apologizes for not being home with them when this happened. He tells her he is home now and he is not leaving. Vivian tells Ben they are selling the house and walks away.

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