Lindsay Lohan is broke & powerless

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Lindsay Lohan is broke & powerless

Lindsay Lohan is really opening up to the counselors at the Betty Ford Center. According to her probation report, she talked to the doctors and said that she feels powerless over her addiction and is broke with no viable means of continuing to pay for her treatment.

Radar Online reports:

The probation report, relaying information from one of Lindsay’s doctors, reads: “The defendant was motivated to look at some of the problems in her life, however, there was some denial regarding her drug addiction. He feels that the longer the defendant is at the Betty Ford Center the better.

“He believes the defendant needs to continue to work on her issues in order to save her life. He indicates the defendant is a “wonderful young woman.”

If she really is broke, then she’s going to have to do what poor people do…Seek help from another not-so-fancy treatment center and go on with her life. Wouldn’t you agree?

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