Buy Life celebs come back to life!

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Buy Life celebs come back to life!

Back on November 30th, a slew of celebrities said that they were digitally dying to support awareness and raise money for World AIDS Day. They said that they were giving up their digital lives in order to raise one million dollars for the cause.

Today, Usher broke the vow to stay silent! But, all is not lost, as a billionaire has coughed up the half million they needed to bring these celebrities “back to life”.

TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr donated roughly $500,000 earlier today to the Digital Death campaign … which benefits the Keep a Child Alive organization.

Rahr’s donation freed up scores of celebs who pledged to go silent on their social media sites until the group raised $1 million.

I was kind of liking the peace and quiet! But I have to wonder, how long would they have let this go on, if they hadn’t received this donation??? Forever? (We can hope…)

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