Tom Green hospitalized after car accident & attack

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Tom Green hospitalized after car accident & attackFunnyman Tom Green was taken to Golden State Regional Hospital after being a part of a minor car accident that turned really horrible.

Tom was driving in his Mercedes when he reportedly bumped into a pickup truck.  Three men jumped out of the truck and attacked Tom.

A witness said, “He didn’t have a chance against these men who attacked him before he said a single word to them.”

Stay tuned as details become available. 

In the meantime, say a prayer for Tom and keep your fingers crossed that he’s alright.  His condition is listed as serious.

Image: Flickr / Source: TransWorldNews

Update: He just updated his Twitter account to tell us all that he’s just fine and his site was hacked:

4chan bastards hacked yesterday and posted false news stories in my blog about my death. I am alive! I am ALIVE!!!!!

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