That didn’t take long

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That didn't take longWhen I forced my kids to watch the season finale of the Bachelorette, I was interested to get my hour long fill of reality television for the year.

This woman, Jillian Harris, turned down hottie Kyptyn (see, I learned his name!) and then Reid, to be with Ed Swiderski.  He proposed to her and she accepted.  It was a nice big rock.

My sons were about to yak.

Now I’m about to yak at Ed’s disgusting behavior.  Apparently shortly after he popped the question to Jillian, he was knocking the boots with his ex-girlfriend Lindsey Harris.  The next day he texted another woman, Bethany Steffen, to bring beer and condoms to his place. 

Bethany said, “Ed’s not worth my time, but if I can help someone avoid heartbreak, I’m gonna do that.”

The ladies are saying that in between filming the show, they both slept with him.  He’s so gross.

Jillian, go get Kyptyn!  FYI, he’s on Twitter!

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