Lindsay Lohan’s $53k shopping spree

by on February 19, 2009 | 1 Comment

Lindsay Lohan's $53k shopping spreeIt must be nice!  Here we normal people are all suffering through a crappy economy and Lindsay Lohan felt the need to drop $53,000 in one day.  Heck, I’d be happy to make that in a year.

While in Beverly Hills yesterday, LiLo spent some serious cash on three watches.  I guess she really needs to know what time it is.

She was at Philippe’s Watches & Jewelry where she dropped thousands of dollars in the span of 45 minutes.  They were Rolex watches, but God, who’s got that kind of money to spend on timepieces?

The owner says, “I don’t know why she bought three watches, I guess she just felt like having them.”

From the article:

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The watches included one Rolex rose-gold President watch with a diamond dial (retail price at $30,000), one Daytona stainless steel and yellow-gold watch with a black mother-of-pearl dial at $15,000. 

The third was a gift. A stainless steel Rolex with black diamond skull in the center. Total worth $8,000. Phillippe would say who the watch was for—”but it was a very romantic gift, I can say that.”

Like I said, it must be nice!

Image: Flickr / Article: Celebuzz

1 Comment

  1. If there’s such a thing as rehab for shopaholics, then she needs to be escorted there pronto. So totally out of touch! If she makes another movie, I don’t know why we should pay to see it…obviously she doesn’t need the money.

    Comment by laurieboris — 02/19/2009 @ 6:30 pm

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