iTunes leaks 3rd episode of Mad Men EARLY!!

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iTunes leaks 3rd episode of Mad Men EARLY!!If you were curled up on your couch on Sunday, anxiously awaiting the season premiere of Mad Men, then you were not alone.  I waited an entire year to see what was going to happen in the Draper household as well as in the offices of Sterling Cooper.

Apparently, some iTunes subscribers got a real treat!  Those who are subscribed to the Mad Men season pass on the service were treated to an early release, accidentally, of episode three!

The episode, titled, “My Ol Kentucky Home” was actually scheduled to debut on August 30, 2009.

iTunes has fixed the leak and no one is able to download it early anymore.  That sucks!!

Stay tuned for AMC, which will feature episode 2 on Sunday, titled, “Love Among The Ruins”.

What’s been your favorite Mad Men moment?  I seriously did not think that British guy would’ve offered the Head of Accounts job to both Pete and Ken.  I love the little dance Pete did when he heard the news of his promotion.  It was so cute.

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