Doug Reinhardt wants babies with Paris Hilton

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Doug Reinhardt wants babies with Paris HiltonGross.  Someone wants to procreate with the likes of Paris Hilton.

After dumping Benji Madden, her boyfriend of nine months, Paris started dating Doug Reinhardt.  That wasn’t even that long ago, either.

Now that they’re relationship is getting “serious”, he says that he wants to have little Paris Hiltons running around.

God help us.

Doug says, “Paris would make a great mom – she’s my angel princess.  I’d love to have some mini Parises one day.”

Paris echoed the statement, saying, “I’d love to have children, that’s what completes your life.”

According to an insider, Paris wanted a babydaddy that wasn’t all tatted up and pierced, too.  The insider says, “She thought she could look past his tattoos and piercings, but Paris wants her children to have a clean-cut father.  And they’re crazy about each other.”

Someone pinch me, cuz I hope this is a dream.  Or a nightmare, for that matter.

And they’ve only been dating for like, two minutes anyways, and they’re already talking about kids? Wha?

Image: Flickr / Article: In Touch

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