Linda Hogan spends more than $40k a month

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Linda Hogan spends more than $40k a monthI guess Linda Hogan spends a ton of money on blonde hair dye, spray on orange tan and partying it up with her 19-year-old boytoy, Charley Hill.

Well, it’s not enough.  Apparently, she’s broke and is seeking more money from the Hulkster.  She already spent $14,000 this month at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills and it was rumored that it was for cosmetic surgery.  I guess she has to keep getting that face stretched and the fat sucked out of her body to keep up with Charley.

Now she wants Hulk to foot the bill for Charley to go to nautical school.  Cuz, you know, he’s like one of their kids or something, right?

Poor Brooke Hogan, this is what she’s going to look like in ten years.   And a note to Hulk, divorce is a cure-all for someone trying to suck the life/wallet out of you.

Image: The Insider / Article: TMZ

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