Jamie Lynn Spears denies lipo claims while pregnant

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Jamie Lynn Spears denies lipo claims while pregnantIt was rumored that Jamie Lynn Spears underwent liposuction when she was pregnant with her daughter Maddie.

The rumor was that Jamie Lynn was gaining weight and wasn’t aware that she was pregnant.  So, she begged her mother to take her to the doctor to have the procedure.

Sources say that Jamie Lynn is suing mad over the claims, and that they are “100 % not true!”

I agree, this story was hard for me to believe in the first place.  Why on Earth would a doctor not perform a pregnancy test on a girl before he entertained the idea of liposuction?  Also, Lynne Spears, while not being the perfect representation of parenthood, might have had enough of a brain at the time to tell her daughter no.  Right?

Image: KnockedUpCelebs / Article: TMZ

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