Denise Richards’ show It’s Complicated, has been renewed!

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Denise Richards' show It's Complicated, has been renewed!Yes, it’s true.  The folks over at E! need to be committed for renewing this “reality” show. 

Denise Richards confirmed the return of the show, It’s Complicated, at  the “Passion for Pink” pre-Emmy luxury suite in L.A. on Tuesday.

She said, “It’s coming back for another season.  We start filming in a few months.”

Does anyone here actually watch the show?  I just couldn’t get into it.  She seems like such a spoiled rich brat who always gets her way.

I watched the episode where she cussed out the editor at a popular magazine for portraying her in a negative light.  She was so unprofessional and unladylike.  Then she wonders why she gets a bad rap?

Will you tune in?

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