Anne Hathaway Is Kind Of A Douche…

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Anne Hathaway Is Kind Of A Douche...

Anne Hathaway may have won herself an Oscar, but she is kind of a douche. Who knew?!?

We’ve always defended Anne after she was called a pretentious snob for her arrogance, but this story just takes the cake. According to reports, Anne was snapped by the paparazzi when she went to take her dog for a walk a few days ago.

She was said to have been so mad at the paparazzi that she put her dog’s crap on the windshield of the photographer. Gross, right?

In addition to all of that, Anne’s snobbery has gotten to an all new level. A source said, “Anne is making everyone on her staff call her Miss Hathaway now, even the ones who have been with her for years! It’s a new rule since her Oscar win, and when someone accidentally called her Anne, she reprimanded him big time. What’s next, she refers to herself in the third person? It’s ridiculous!”

The source added, “She has openly started comparing herself to Grace Kelly. No one laughs in her face about it but there are plenty of jokes behind her back, that’s for sure. People just can’t take her arrogance.”


15 Reasons I Think One Direction is Awesome (And Will Be Buying Tickets)

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15 Reasons I Think One Direction is Awesome (And Will Be Buying Tickets)

Did you hear the awesome news? One Direction is going on tour in 2014. That’s right—if you live in North America, Latin America, or Europe, you can see them live and in person! And guess what? I’m freaking excited.

Yes, I’m a 35 year old mom. Some might say it’s a little sad that I’m freaking out about a “boy band.” But hey, deal with it. The truth is that I think they are awesome. And I’m not the only one. My daughter’s do too. Oh, and (some) of my friends.

But the bottom line is, I’m going to be buying tickets for my girls and myself. And they won’t be the only ones singing along and enjoying themselves.

15 Reasons I Think One Direction is Awesome (And Will Be Buying Tickets)

Why a 35 Year Old Woman Would Love One Direction

So what makes me think these kids are awesome?

1.They aren’t just for tweens. No really. Just checkout the lyrics on their newest album that’s now in stores. Lyrics are getting a little more scandalous, ladies. Which brings me to number two…

2.They’re growing up. That’s right. As they start to get in to their twenties, the band is showing signs that they aren’t little boys who are just for little girls anymore.

3.They aren’t a boy band. No, really. Ever seen them bust into a synchronized dance? How many dance songs can you count of theirs? No there’s more to it than that.

4.They’re turning rock. On their newest album, “Midnight Memories,” the band concentrates on a rock sound driven by grungy guitars as opposed to straight pop. They’re giving us something to bang our heads a little bit to. And we can even throw up the metal sign!

5.They each get a chance to shine. It’s not all about harmonizing for these guys. They trade off so we can hear each of them.

6.There’s no sole leader. N’sync had Justin. D12 had Eminem (that’s right, I just referred to D12 as a boy band). But as I said in point number 5, they each get a chance in One Direction. Everyone has a voice. Everyone gets too sing their hearts out.

7.They nod to Mumford and Sons. Their song “Happily” is very Mumford and Sons-esque. And I love me some folk pop.

8.They like older women. Look, let’s face it ladies. Men aren’t the only ones who go for the younger ones. We can appreciate young twenty-something lookers too. And guess what? The One Direction guys can appreciate us. In fact, there are countless stories of them dating and hooking up with older women. Cross your fingers!

9.I can listen to them with the kids. No, boys don’t typically like them. But you can sure bet my girls do. It’s finally something we can agree on. They freaking rock!

10.They’re hilarious. Did you see the cake in the face? Hilarious. Nothing like rock stars that don’t take themselves too seriously.

11.They don’t forget their roots. Where were they formed? X Factor. Where do they keep returning for performances? X Factor. Two thumbs up.

12.They aren’t afraid to screw up. Did you see their most reason TV performance on X Factor. I can admit it. It wasn’t their best. Cracking voices and all. Hey, it happens in the real world. Doesn’t keep these guys from moving forward on to world domination!

13.They’ve fought the odds…and won. Entering a reality show music contest as solo artists, only to get told “hey, we’re putting you together in a group” and then failing to win. It didn’t stop these guys. Instead, they went on to become bigger than life, topping charts all over the world. That’s some tenacity, right there. Rawr.

14.Their songs are so sing-a-long-able. That’s right. I’m going to see them and I want to sing along. And guess what? I will be, because their lyrics are so dang catchy! And those hooks are out of this world.

15.Will Ferrell loves them. No, really.

15 Reasons I Think One Direction is Awesome (And Will Be Buying Tickets)

Time to Get the Tickets Before They Sell Out

Tickets are going quick. Yeah, I realize it’s still months away, but these things are selling like hotcakes. So I’m about to buy mine right now. As soon as I get done writing this thing, actually. And if you want One Direction tickets, there’s the link for you! See you there—I’ll be one of the moms bobbing my head with a cocktail in my hand.  

April Zavalas had her kids young. While it forced her to grow up quick, it gives her the advantage of being able to relate to her teenage daughters more so than the average mom. She feels it’s given them a better relationship than most. It also gives her something to write about!

Steve Harvey Cleared Of Child Abuse

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Steve Harvey Cleared Of Child Abuse

Steve Harvey has been cleared of child abuse allegations after being accused of hitting his 11-year-old son. His ex-wife Mary and their son claimed that he brutally beat him over lying about school work. In addition, his body was said to be covered by cuts and bruises.

When the police were notified of the situation, they referred the case to the Texas Department of Family Services. That department did their investigation and found that the child was not at risk and the case against the comedian was closed.

Steve’s rep said, “Based on the information obtained, the child does not appear to be at risk. The case is closed without further investigation.”

Mary, however, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for leaking sealed information to the media about the alleged incident. Interesting, no?

Madonna Splits From Boytoy Brahim Zaibat

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Madonna Splits From Boytoy Brahim Zaibat

After her rep has just dismissed reports that Madonna was engaged to her young boytoy Brahim Zaibat, it appears that they have called it quits! Who knew that their relationship was even on the rocks?!??

According to the latest gossip, Madonna will be single for the holidays now that they have gone their separate ways. They have been together for three years, but work commitments have caused them to part ways.

Brahim is a dancer and apparently he had landed a stint on France’s version of Dancing With The Stars. So that is his parting gift? A reality TV dancing competition?!? Perhaps he should’ve tried dating George Clooney — at least the women he dates walk away with more extravagant gifts…HA!

Four Actors Who Should Play The Flash in the New Justice League Movie

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Four Actors Who Should Play The Flash in the New Justice League Movie

The Flash might not be the best known member of the Justice League, and he might not be as beloved as Superman or Batman, but he’s still an important part of the team.

It’s also a role that not every actor could play. Here are four actors that would make The Flash a pleasure to watch and might be able to improve the character’s popularity.

Michael Rosenbaum

When he played Lex Luthor on the CW’s Smallville, Michael Rosenbaum proved that he had the acting skills needed to play an iconic comic book hero. Even more importantly he was able to add his own twist to the role and was able to build an impressive fan base considering he was playing one of the most despised villains of all time.

Look wise, it’s hard to find fault with the idea of Michael Rosenbaum. He’s lean enough to give the impression of great speed, but also has enough muscle tone to be believable in a hand to hand fight. The fact that he has a beautifully sculpted face will help the Justice League generate a wider fan base who will be sure to tune in just to see Michael Rosenbaum in The Flash’s outfit.

David Tennant

Yes, The Flash is an iconic American character and David Tennant is a Scottish actor, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a good fit. The man is a genius when it comes to changing his accent and would have no problem passing as an American. His lean build and high energy fits the flash character. Even more importantly, Tennant has the ability to make the Flash a very deep and three dimensional character.

The following that Tennant amassed during his time playing The Doctor should lead to impressive box office. His time as Dr. Who showed that Tennant consistently turns in a very strong and compelling performance, even when the writing isn’t as strong as it should be.

Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa would be a good fit for the role of The Flash for a few different reasons. First, he’d bring an impressive fan base. The man has been working steadily for several years on shows such as Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Nikita. People who wouldn’t normally watch The Justice League will make an exception if they know he’s going to be on it.

And Devon Sawa isn’t just a pretty face and a nice body. He’s a darn good actor who can handle some light comedy as well as dramatic scenes, and has a good chemistry with everyone he shares the screen with. He’s poised for a role that would make him a household name and is the type of actor that all casting directors should seriously consider as The Flash.

Justin Timberlake

It’s no secret that Justin Timberlake would like to have a solid acting career, but so far he hasn’t been able to land the type of roles that would lead to his big break.
It’s also not a secret that he would love to be able to suit up as a beloved action hero. Supposedly he was considered for the role of Green Lantern which eventually went to Ryan Reynolds. Casting Justin Timberlake would make sense. There’s no denying he has a strong fan base, and a good ensemble cast would help him develop as an actor.

Honorable Mention – Jim Parsons

Even though it’s difficult to actually envision Jim Parsons as the Flash, he deserves to go on the list for no other reason than the fact that his The Big Bang character, Sheldon Cooper, loves The Flash and has helped make the character a household name.

Even though it’s hard to imagine the actor as anyone other than Sheldon Cooper, the impressive amount of training he had indicates that Jim Parsons could have the skill needed to be a superhero. He certainly has the timing, albeit comedic. Find the best internet deals for you, so you can keep up with any updates for the Justice League movie.

Instant Checkmate Reveals 6 Completely Ridiculous Celebrity Arrests

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Instant Checkmate Reveals 6 Completely Ridiculous Celebrity Arrests

People get arrested all the time— and rightfully so—because if you break the law, you should face the music and accept your punishment. We all secretly wonder if anyone we know has ever been cuffed, and luckily we can find out by looking them up on sites like Trust me, you’d be surprised how many “upstanding citizens” try to cover up their past by lying about their criminal record. However, when it comes to celebrities, all bets are off because the second they’re in trouble, the whole world knows about it.

Celebrity arrests will always, without fail, make headlines. News outlets love to cover stories about stars breaking the law because gossip hounds like us just eat them right up. Maybe it’s because we place our favorite A-listers on a pedestal, so reading about their legal woes makes them seem a little more . . . I don’t know, human? Perhaps there’s no rhyme or reason as to why we’re obsessed with Hollywood’s elite, but the truth remains—we are. So, folks, we present to you six of the most ridiculous celebrity arrests that ever happened. Check them out below!

1. Edward Furlong — Public Intoxication

Edward Furlong has starred in several Hollywood films, including blockbusters like Terminator 2: Judgement Day and American History X. Unfortunately these days, Furlong is better known for his lengthy criminal record than his acting abilities. Furlong has been arrested several times, but one arrest stands out above the rest because it’s just plain ridiculous.

Back in 2007, Furlong paid a drunken visit to a Kentucky grocery store, and he went straight for the lobster tank. The boozed-up actor decided that the crustaceans needed to be set free, so he grabbed them one by one and flung them around the store as if they could scurry back to the ocean to enjoy their newfound freedom. Too bad Kentucky is a landlocked state, and the bizarre incident landed him in handcuffs. Furlong was charged with public intoxication, and now his name will forever be associated with lobsters.

2. Woody Harrelson — Disturbing The Peace

Woody Harrelson has had several run-ins with the law, but his most ridiculous arrest took place back when the actor was just 21 years old. According to the police report, Harrelson ran onto a busy street in Columbus, Ohio, and started dancing around like he was at a party.

His booty-shaking stunt obstructed the view of drivers, not to mention that it was probably pretty distracting. When police showed up, the actor tried to book it and run away, but he didn’t get too far. Harrelson was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, but luckily, he was able to avoid jail time by paying a fine.

3. Randy Travis — DWI And Felony Retaliation

Randy Travis is one of the most famous country singers in history. He’s had several hit albums and has won multiple awards, but he’s also known for a rather embarrassing run-in with the law back in 2012.

State troopers found Travis lying in the middle of the road late at night in a remote area of northern Texas. The country singer reeked of booze, and get this, he was completely naked. Since he was lying right next to his car, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but then he made an even bigger mistake when he threatened to kill the troopers who cuffed him. So, in addition to DWI, he was also charged with felony retaliation. Oops!

4. Shia LaBeouf — Misdemeanor Criminal Trespassing

Having already garnered a “bad-boy” image from a previous arrest, Shia LaBeouf took it one step further when he got himself arrested (again) back in 2007. The difference was that his second arrest stemmed from a pretty ridiculous incident. Apparently, the Transformers star showed up at a Chicago Walgreens to buy cigarettes at around 2am. Oh, and did we mention he was also pretty wasted?

So, a store security guard asked LaBeouf to leave the store, but he refused. The guard repeated his request several more times with no luck, so he was forced to call the police. LaBeouf was then arrested and charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing. I bet he felt pretty embarrassed when that story made headlines!

5. Boy George — False Imprisonment

We all know Boy George is rather, uh, eccentric due to his flamboyant stage costumes and clown-like makeup. We also found out that he’s quite the creep after his arrest made headlines back in 2008. While in London, the singer went to see a male escort and proceeded to handcuff the guy to the wall, hit him with whips and chains, and threaten him with sex toys. WTF, right?

Apparently, Boy George thought the escort had hacked into his computer during a previous encounter, and this freaky beat down was meant to be punishment. Well, that horrible idea backfired and the singer was arrested and charged with assault and false imprisonment. The case went to trial and he was convicted of the charges, and sentenced to 15 months in prison. Yikes!

6. Matthew McConaughey — Possession Of Marijuana And Drug Paraphernalia

Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He’s talented and charming, and the fact that he’s ridiculously attractive doesn’t hurt either. However, Hollywood’s golden boy is also famous for his ridiculous bongo-playing incident. So, back in 1999, the actor was living in Austin, Texas when police received a call from one of his disgruntled neighbors. They complained of loud music coming from the home next door, so police went to check it out.

Officers had no idea that the home belonged to McConaughey, but when they arrived they saw him—all of him. The actor was completely naked and he was pounding on bongo drums, hence the noise complaint. Police also discovered marijuana and other drug paraphernalia which ultimately led to his arrest. Lucky for him, the drug charges were later dropped, but he still had to pay a $50 fine for the noise violation.

Can YOU think of any other ridiculous celeb arrests to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

Are You a Funny Guy or Gal? Have a Go at Stand-Up!

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Are You a Funny Guy or Gal? Have a Go at Stand-Up!

The world is full of people who make others laugh, whether intentionally or not. We all love to laugh and laughter is the perfect antidote for difficult days. Comedy has always been a popular form of entertainment, but there is no doubt about it that stand-up comedy is massive right now. Comedy clubs are full of established mainstream acts and rising young talent. Indeed, a lot of folk would rather go and see a top rated act in a comedy club than dance the night away. So if you have a talent for making people split their sides laughing, how easy is it to break into stand-up?

Living the Dream

Showbiz is a fickle career. Some people spend their entire lives waiting on tables while praying for their big break and the streets are paved with the broken dreams of those who never made it. But for a lucky few, their talent is big enough to open the doors of opportunity. From there they are able to forge a long and successful career. Luck certainly plays a part—being in the right place at the right time truly does matter—but there is always room for hard work and persistence, so if you want to make it in stand-up, as well as natural talent you will need to work hard and believe in yourself.

Stand-up Material

Every comedian has their own material. Some use their own experiences as material whereas others rely on the world of politics to provide them with endless gags. But whatever you use, it is important to make sure it’s original and funny. Before you set foot on a stage, you need to have an act. The material has to be good and it must make people laugh. You also need to be true to yourself—all the best comedians have their own voice, so have faith in yours. Be aware that it may take you a while to figure out what works for you, so don’t be afraid to try different styles in the early days.

Find an Audience

Just because your mom thinks you’re hilarious, it doesn’t necessarily that anyone else will. The only way you are going to make it in stand-up is to perform in front of an audience. Open microphone nights are a good place to start—check the local press for dates in bars and clubs that are happening in your neighbourhood. Audience feedback will help you to hone your voice and fine tune your material. It will also help you decide whether (or not) stand-up is the right path for you. Once you have established a reputation, you can have a go at getting an agent and securing gigs.

The X Factor

We live in a world of talent shows. The TV schedules are full of talent shows—the X Factor being one of the best known. Most of the acts on these shows are singers or dance groups, but a few stand-up comedians do sometimes make it through the preliminary auditions, so don’t discount this route if you are an unknown talent.

If comedy is in your blood, don’t give up. There will be nights where nobody laughs at your jokes and the audience heckles you to death. Consider it a learning experience—one day you will look back and laugh about it.

About the author:
Jerry Hope has been writing comedy sketches for years. He loves to make friends and family laugh, but in the last couple of years he has also performed in public at comedy clubs around town along with other hopeful stand up comedians. It is always fun and one day he hopes he will be famous.


Deep Cutting Costs on Everyday Expenses When Saving for Your Wedding

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Deep Cutting Costs on Everyday Expenses When Saving for Your Wedding

Weddings can be an expensive undertaking. With the average wedding costing $25,000 you may be trying to work out how to pay for that special day.

Some people are lucky enough to have help from family and friends when it comes to finances. However, if you don’t have that extra help you can still make changes in your day-to-day budget to help you have the wedding day of your dreams.

You may be looking at your bank account and thinking about the money that you spend while wondering how you can save more. The good news is for most people there are places within their spending habits where they can make minor changes to save some money.

The first place to start is with your budget; if you don’t have one yet, start one now. If you do have a budget, take a good hard look at the figures, are there places where you can spend less and save money. Here are some budget Items that you can make changes to, to help save you money.

This is usually one of the larger categories where small changes can make a big difference. You don’t have to eat rice and beans every night when it comes to saving money on food. Putting a little time and effort in can help you save money on your grocery bill. Cutting coupons can help you save money on the foods you buy. Buying generic brands can also save you money. Write out a list of what you need before you go to the store, this will help you stay on track.

Perhaps you like to eat out once or twice a week. Cutting this out and cooking at home will give you extra money, to put in that wedding account. Other things like going to the movies, the local bar, or museums should be put on hold. Consider renting a DVD or inviting friends over to your place for a night out rather than meeting somewhere.

Memberships and Extras
If you have a membership to a service such as Netflix, a wine club or a massage contract you may want to temporarily cancel these services. These extra bills can take a chunk out of your weekly paycheck. By eliminating them till your wedding day is paid for, you can save this money and earn some interest on it as well.

Household Costs
There are some things you can eliminate or be more mindful of in your home. Reduce your heating and cooling costs by upping or lowering the temperature on your thermostat, depending on the season. Small things like pulling the shades down during the summer or using a full load of laundry instead a small load can really make a difference.

As you can see, with a few easy steps, you can really add a good amount of money to your wedding account and make the event the talk of the town. Take less stress, relax and prepare to grab eyeballs on the D-day.

Jeff is an internet marketing specialist, who in the past primarily worked in the automotive industry, but now has broadened his horizons to other areas. Born and raised in Chicago, he made his way out west to Arizona 8 years ago. When he’s not working, Jeff enjoys spending time with his fiancée, playing with his dogs, hiking, and video games. With the exception of the White Sox, he’s an avid Chicago sports fan. One day he hopes to single-handedly lift the Cubs’ Billy Goat Curse and be able to see a Cubs World Series.


Becky Bloomwood Thrift Style: 4 Ways to Save

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Becky Bloomwood is the heroine in Sophie Kinsella’s best-selling, chick lit novels the Shopaholic series. On the first book (Confessions of a Shopaholic) Becky was forced to sell her much-loved belongings to pay her debt. Had she known where to buy discount designer fragrances and shop for sale items when she really needs them (not just wants), she wouldn’t have gone through a financial ordeal.

Becky Bloomwood


There’s a little bit of Becky Bloomwood inside of us. Although she purchases lots of designer clothes, accessories, home products and even scented candles, we all have those moments when we just need to spend on something even if we’re broke. Becky is a smart lass and if she was thrifty from the very beginning, she’d definitely work on these 4 ways to save during her shopping spree.



Becky Bloomwood

1. Fragrances and Cosmetics
If Becky had known Beauty Encounter before, she’d buy designer fragrances and cosmetics on discount. This is not just an ordinary discount but the regular items have further reduced prices. Just imagine the cost if these “regular items” are on sale. As a financial journalist, Becky needed to present herself well, particularly during conferences. She’d look like a million dollar, respectable journalist just by wearing the right branded beauty products. She might even enjoy Beauty Encounter’s contest this November.

2. Designer Clothing and Footwear
Okay, so Becky knows where to shop designer clothing and footwear and she usually picks these items from outlet stores. Good for her to find these stores around. The problem with Becky though is that everytime she sees something on sale, she’ll justify every little thing she buys as an investment (when it’s obviously a liability). If she had controlled herself earlier, she could’ve asked herself first “Do I need this?” and then just walk away. Or maybe just purchase 2 huge splurges in a year for all shopaholics out there.

3. Coffee
Everyday, Becky spends for her daily dose of caffeine by purchasing overpriced coffee. Before getting into or alighting from the tube, she readies her financial magazine for a quick glance and then grabs a cup of coffee. Becky could be spending at least £1.75 for a small cup of coffee when she can just make her own coffee at home or drink a free coffee at work. She’ll definitely just pay a fraction of the cost for her everyday treat.

4. Credit Cards
One of the reasons Becky plunged deep in debt is that she can’t control swiping her credit and debit cards. She received a number of warning letters from a bank manager following up her overdue payment. Becky loves to shop and couldn’t stop accepting credit cards luring her to sign up. If she stuck to a mantra that says, “If you can’t pay it in cash, you can’t afford it,” then she wouldn’t be in debt for a long time. Swiping credit cards is very addictive, especially when you’re in a middle of a sale.

Becky became a role model at the end of the story when she sold some of her old designer footwear, accessories and clothes just so she can afford paying her debt. It was tough letting go of the things she loved but it sure was a breath of fresh air once she freed herself from financial obligation.



What is the NBA South East Division?

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What is the NBA South East Division?

Adjusted at the start of the 2004-2005 season, the NBA’s Southeast division is one of three in the Eastern Conference. The Southeast division consists of five teams, the Atlanta Hawks, the Miami Heat, the Charlotte Bobcats, the Orlando Magic, and the Washington Wizards.

This is an unusual division, because it is a mix of teams that are either very competitive or very poor. Over the past nine seasons, three of the NBA Champions have come from this division. All three of those titles have been won by the Miami Heat. The Heat also lost in an NBA finals, and the same goes for the Orlando Magic in 08-09. That means out of the last nine NBA finals contested, the Southeast division has been represented FIVE times.

Despite that record, there are some very average teams in this division. The Charlotte Bobcats are definitely the NBA’s worst team over the past decade. They are yet to make a playoff appearance in that time, and are often bottom of the conference tables. The Washington Wizards have not fared much better, often a laughing stock among fans and experts.

The Atlanta Hawks are somewhere in the middle. They rarely make it to the latter stages of the playoffs, but they are a solid outfit. They will win more games than they lose, and they will give their home fans plenty to cheer about during the season.

This disparity in quality is evident when you look at the Division Champions from the past nine years. Only the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic have won this division, with the Heat winning six and the Magic three. That is understandable, given the quality of those teams over the past few seasons. The Magic were at their best during those seasons because they had the superb Dwight Howard. The Heat had a tandem of Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O’Neil for their first NBA championship, while LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh led the team to two NBA titles in 11-12 and 12-13.

Season Expectations:

The 13-14 season is going to be very one-sided in terms of the Southeast Division. Miami have all their stars returning for another season, and it looks like very little is going to stop them from claiming another NBA title. LeBron James is in the form of his life, and they should walk this division without any problems. Expect another finals appearance from Miami.

As far as the other teams are concerned, they will be happy just to get into the playoffs. Realistically, only the Atlanta Hawks have a chance of managing that. Orlando is still in transition after trading Dwight last summer, and the other teams have made no considerable improvements to their rosters.

Betting Trends:

Going by recent form, the Miami Heat are bookmaker favorites to reclaim the NBA title and win three on the bounce, more odds can be seen at The only teams that come close to them in the Eastern Conference are the Chicago Bulls, who will be boosted by Derreck Rose’s return, and the young Indiana Pacers.


Budweiser, Sun Sports, Li-Ning and T-Mobile are among many companies that sponsor teams in the Southeast division. Most of these sponsorships are brought in by the Miami Heat. This is understandable, given their global popularity.

Sarah writes on her blog about sports.


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